I updated the list of fans for automaticlly upvoting them.

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Hi friends!

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I could get time to come on Steem after a long gap. I had been very busy during the last month. So, I could not post on my blog and make comment on other users' posts. Much has changed on this platform. I could not even upvote because of those changes which came after HF23. Now, Steemauto service is no longer on this platform so, I my fans could not get automatic upvote from me. Luckily, someone has created a similar tool which link is https://auto.steemdb.online. This is very useful tool as it is very difficult for me to upvote the posts of the users whose posts I like. So, I decided to try this tool. It is as effective as the old steemauto was, but I felt that it is too slow. It took me a lot of time to select and update the user name of the fans. So, I could only update a few. I'll include other fans it as soon as I'll find the time to do so. Till then enjoy your journey of blogging.

Have a great time.

Love from @erica005.

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Welcome for starting post writing after a gap.

Thanks @erica005 for joining and start posting in LAKSHMI community. Try to post, one post each day to get community benefits.


It's my pleasure to join the community Lakshmi.Thank you for offering me to join this nice community. I am trying to post as much as possible but, it is difficult as I am not finding spare time to do so.

Thank you so much Mr. @Mehta.