It was a comparatively fine season for me. I got Diamond-II position!

7개월 전

Hi friends!


It is just the third season in which I participated. In the first one I got the Diamond-II position but the second was a bit disappointing as I could not keep my performance of the previous season. I just got Diamond-III in that season. But, the latest season was good for me. I lost many battles and was competing against the tough competitors. At last I got myself placed in the Diamond-II league. I got 50 loot chests for completing this level. I am very happy. I also got one gold card as rewards and an untamed set as well.

This game is a combination of skill and luck. It also favors those who have better cards. Overall it's a great game and I enjoy it a lot. @splinterlands in their post has announced two new legendary cards and also the system of rewards will change in the future. According to that post, those who have more cards would be benefited and will also rise to the new levels and get good rewards. I don't know how much would it affect me. I don't care much as I believe in enjoying the game rather than getting rewards. I hope you are also enjoying this game.

Love from @erica005

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