It was a difficult time for me.

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Hi friends!

It was a very difficult time for me in the past month as I had breakup with my boyfriend and also my best friend was diagnosed corona positive. So, emotionally it was a very bad time for me. I had to keep myself intact and get rid of the bad effect of breakup. I was very sad but, my friend's illness forced me to gather myself and do everything to save her. Authorities were helpful and she was treated well. Now, she has fully recovered and everything is normal. I was scared for her but, she told me that she faced no serious difficulties, except extreme weakness and breathlessness in the initial stage.

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When she was in the isolation, I was busy in playing PUBG which is a very nice game. It helped me to get out of stress. I got addiction for it. Though, I am trying to get rid of this bad habit as it is consuming my whole time. I also have lots of work. So, I cannot be so careless about my work. I hope you people are also well and doing great work in your life.

Love you all😇 😇
from @erica005

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