Strong Feelings For You

2개월 전


In simple language, I miss you

In worldly language, you are my life

In simple sentences, I love you

And in the peace of poetry, you will be the light

The space where I absorb the goodness from your skin

The power within me moves me to start again

And in your body I find peace

If life allows me to be by your side, I have no doubt, my dreams will grow

If my life should be lost in a moment, let me be full of you, always with you

Don't be afraid to doubt, this love is very beautiful

You'll be my girl, I'm all yours

Look at my chest, I left it open, so you can stay inside

For your peace of mind, you have me completely, because you are my weakness


Until finally all I know is that I'm always waiting for you, that you come into my life, and give me light, and your kindness

A world where your words make your wishes come true

The magic of this feeling that is so strong and perfect, and the look in your eyes is my peace.

By @midiagam

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