Being a part of this immortal life

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Hello Friends,

Life on earth is due to air and water. Can there be life without air and water? Life would not have been possible if there was no proper environment for us on earth. Life on Earth is due to the environment. The food that we eat gives us the environment.


Man is completely dependent on the environment. The environment creates an environment conducive to life. If there is any problem in the environment, then man also faces this problem. Man is a greedy human who knows the importance of environment but greedily hurts nature.

Life on earth has been going on continuously for millions of years. We are also a part of this continuous life. Even when there was no man on the earth, the environment was still flourishing. Water is considered the beginning of life in the environment.


The organism first originated in water. Human beings came to this earth millions of years later. Life continues till today and life will remain till the end of this earth.

When there is an imbalance in nature or environment, then we see the anger of the environment. Sometimes a tsunami, sometimes an earthquake shakes the environment. Flooding due to excessive rains creates a famine-like situation in the environment. Humans are causing the most damage to the environment.


Whatever actions an organism performs, it affects the environment. Whatever process happens in the environment affects the organism. In a way, environment and organism are related to each other. There is definitely a medium between these two.

You know that tree plants produce food by photosynthesis. After this activity, the plants release oxygen which the organisms take up. If the tree is not plant then oxygen will not get oxygen. This proves that damage to one component of the environment affects other components.

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First picture is amazing.. looks like a golden mountain