Tradescantia Pallida

2개월 전

2022-05-05 20.00.13.jpg

Hello all my steemian friends. How are you on this beautiful night? I hope that all of you are in good healthy and feel happy right now. This night I will show you some photography of Adam eve flower. Bunga ini memiliki nama ilmiah Tradescantia Pallida. Please take a look.

2022-05-05 20.00.49.jpg

Bunga Tradescantia Pallida memiliki daun yang berwarna ungu tua. Sementara di bagian bawah dari daun terdapat warna ungu yang lebih pudar.

2022-05-05 20.01.27.jpg

photography : Tradescantia Pallida flower
• Camera ---------- Samsung J1 2016
• Edit ----------- editor foto

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