Withdraw Your $HUNT From SteemHunt Wallet. Else, They're Gone Forever!


Hello friends,

Have you got any $HUNT tokens with you in your SteemHunt wallet?

If yes, you need to withdraw all your Hunt tokens immediately.

SteemHunt is closing all Steemhunt wallets with effect from 11th June, 2020, at 2:00 p.m.KST.

Therefore, make sure you withdraw all your Hunt tokens to your your own ERC20 wallet.


If you don't have a wallet, create 1 using services like:
MyEtherWallet, MEW mobile app or MetaMask browser extension or its mobile app or any other service of your choice.

Link this wallet to your Steemhunt wallet by going to your Steemhunt settings and withdraw all your HUNT to it.

Thankfully, they are still charging only 20 HUNT tokens as withdrawal charges despite the increase in ethereum network cost due to congestion.

Steamhunt has also removed the daily cap on your withdrawal. So now you can withdraw all your tokens in one go.

If you don't withdraw your tokens by 11th June deadline, Steemhunt is going to burn all leftover tokens next day on 12th June. So there won't be any possibility to get them back.

Act now!

Check all the details in their official blog post here.


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thanks for new info!


You're welcome :)

  ·  작년

Oh thanks I have no hunt tokens.

I guess the tokens are gone then :S crap!