Beutiful sunset view - I composed it in poetry form

A very special scene and all the perfection of this universe, some of my pictures with some sweet words in a series of words ...
A condition that is very short In the twilight that is full of meaning and the time is very short for us to watch while enjoying the beautiful sunset ...
All human beings may all be the same when the twilight comes with optimism ... comfortable ... romantic ... hope, hope ... longing ... and memories that cross our minds all.
Those are a few initial words from me on this occasion, and below this I will compose beautiful words in the form of poetry / poetry ,,,, hopefully enjoy....


I walked on the shore of a paddock that encircles the beautiful rice fields ...
The wind seemed to blow toward the expanse of my soul .....
Continue to look for a sensation ... the beauty of the earth that we stand on ...
Even the afternoon wind was unstoppable ... the birds kept hearing their melodious sounds ...


This is the second picture from me with the same location, only the focal point that I distinguish between my first picture.
It feels and I also have a very graceful atmosphere, this elegance with the scattering of yellow light from the sun that is so stunning.


The atmosphere of the sky is also full of meaning with the existing brightness, visibility does limit us.
Not all days we will find beauty when the sun sets, and today is truly perfect.


It is still in the same location, and the point of difference is very clearly seen from the previous picture.
This angle from the sun's point is indeed very unique with a broad beam and I enjoy it.


The last picture is also very very different from the previous image, be it from the image size, shape and focus point.
Difference is the most important thing in every of my photography, and it is indeed a form of planning from me.
To produce all the maximum work, indeed all calculations must still be taken into account, that's all for this opportunity.

The perfection of an article must cover everything, not just writing and photo and don't forget to follow me

Look forward to other interesting posts from me.

{ I made this article ; Dated 17 - July 2020 , Darmawan }

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