Not much different from family matters

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Making a living for the family is a separate demand faced by men today. Since it is men who are appointed as the head of the family, it is not surprising that they leave early in the morning and return at night to earn a living. The increasingly fierce competition coupled with the increasing number of needs forced many men tend to forget everything in order to gather materials to build a family with the woman he loves. That is the reason why many men choose to work hard day and night to get rupiah sheets to make their families happy.

Is it wrong if they choose to give more work than their families and partners? Is it true that hoarding a lot of material for a better future will automatically bring happiness to you and your family later? As the story we often hear, material abundance does not guarantee instant happiness. The amount of money in your savings doesn't necessarily make you happy!

It is common knowledge that when you work hard, the results you get will also be doubled. Working hard day and night does make you able to collect a lot of treasures quickly, it's just that in the process there are also many things that you end up ignoring. There are consequences that you will get when you work hard day and night. Including the consequences where you will feel alone because you do not have time to share with the people you love.

One of the big consequences you get when you decide to work without time is the breakdown of the family relationships that you have maintained. When you were a child, you always took care of your family affairs with care. After all, family is number one. However, everything changes when you start to focus on the material. You prioritize work over family. The farther the distance the more open between you and your family. Even though in the end you can make a lot of money by working day and night, what's the meaning of material when you don't have time to share with your beloved family?

Not much different from family matters, those of you who already have a boyfriend will experience the same fate. Even though at first you really love your partner, over time these feelings will slowly fade. When you have made material your goal, you will no longer care about the people around you. Your partner who always supports you to work hard for the sake of the family, in the end will also be disappointed with your choice which is more concerned with work matters. Slowly but surely, the love that you and him will erode and die. In the end, no more love you feel. So what do you do when you can't bear to share the story later?

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