God is good to those who hope.......!!!

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In the most unexpected moments, life presents challenges to test our courage, as well as our will to change?

Have you ever been lazy to make mistakes? Lazy to fail? Very calculating against a daily schedule that is not effective? Very strict with daily life?

Perhaps this is a turning point in your life.

A turning point is a situation where we start fighting our failure quota or vice versa. How many of us choose to run from problems when there are too many things to get done and deadlines piling up not to get done?

Everyone who does not achieve what he dreams of must feel sadness and even heartache. It's normal to be sad and hurt when you fail. Be proud of your scars because they show the struggles of life.

When we are hit hard, it is common to question God with "Why me? Why did God let this happen?"

We enter spiritual darkness because it seems that God is not there. He didn't seem to be listening. It's like He turned His back. Or, maybe like me, you are suffering because this is a divine punishment.

When we fail, we will do self-discovery.

Not too long ago, I had reached the bottom. There I could not talk to God. I also felt like surrendering to Him and, for a few days, I did.

But then I came to my turning point, and decided, even though it seemed like God had left me, I would continue to believe that He was a good God. I will continue to believe in Him and hope in Him.

Are you on your way down the hill? Will you turn that corner and start believing that God's goodness has not run out and God's love has not dried up?

Here's the truth to hold on to:

God is good to those who hope in Him. Allah is good to those who want to ask for His mercy. Keep trusting God and believe that His help will be very timely

When we are down, we usually ask God, “Why me? Why did you let this happen? ”

We enter spiritual darkness because it seems that God is not there. He didn't seem to be listening. It's like He has his back on Him. Or, perhaps like me, you are confused as to whether this is divine punishment.

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