Realizing that expecting recognition from others is futile.......!!!

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Today, many people seem to make life as a competition to get recognition from others. Without you knowing it, it exhausts you as you seek endless satisfaction. Because basically self-introduction or validation is enough.

Lucky for those of you who understand that validation from others cannot be controlled. Happy also for those of you who are aware at the same time no longer pursuing happiness through the validation of others.

When you realize, some positive things will start to feel, really. Like below, have you started to feel it?

Realizing that expecting recognition from others is futile, is the first step for yourself to apply self love.

Indirectly, that awareness makes you free from things that are wrong and able to think realistically. This awareness is also proof that you are able to fully respect yourself to achieve peace in life.

When you realize that life has many problems, each of which is not only centered on recognition, then in that moment you can see life with a wider perspective.

You will understand that there are many things in life that need attention. One of them is about the purpose of life that looks more real and promising.

Every human being has advantages and disadvantages. However, people who are hungry for recognition ignore this because they always want to be the best. They want to be recognized according to what they want.

So, be grateful for those of you who realize how futile it is to act like that, because you avoid the fatigue of relying on the impossible.

Finding satisfaction when it comes to recognition is like an addictive feeling that you subconsciously crave. So you tend to want to do everything to achieve it.

You are so focused on this that you forget about real people who have their own way of recognizing your strengths. They can always see your greatness without you knowing it, even if you are in bad shape.

Doing something just for the sake of being recognized is a never ending process. There will be a sense of dissatisfaction that continues to haunt. By realizing it is toxic, then you will get a sense of peace in life because you are free from pressure and are able to interpret the meaning of gratitude.

Let's think again, how much time, energy, and thought you have to waste just to get a confession.

Instead, keep your qualities intact without changing them, without having to expect anything out of control. Because true happiness comes from yourself, not from others.

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