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In this modern era, moral decay has reached a very alarming condition. And it occurs at various ages, be it children, teenagers to adults who have been exposed to this disease.

The development of science and technology that is increasingly rapid and sophisticated, this increasingly sophisticated technology has many negative and positive impacts on the life of our nation.

The positive impact is that we can take advantage of advanced technology to obtain wider information and knowledge, both at home and abroad. However, there are not a few negative impacts so that the morale of our nation, which has been known to be good, is slowly fading.

Various moral cases adorn the mass media, both print and electronic, such as cases that are constantly being discussed and are becoming increasingly entrenched in this country, namely corruption, collusion and nepotism, then other cases of human rights violations, sexual harassment, pornography, and so on. drug abuse.

In this modern era, cases like this have become a problem that seems to have become commonplace in our society today and is not surprising anymore.

Moral problems are getting better day by day both in terms of quality and other aspects. Various efforts have been made by the government to eradicate or reduce moral cases that occur. Dealing with problems of human life but not getting satisfactory results.

The existence of state institutions that handle or regulate these cases has not become a weapon capable of destroying moral cases. Other efforts that can be made include carrying out large-scale movements involving many elements of society, many of whom are members of political parties, mass organizations, community institutions, or other associations.

To eradicate various moral cases that grow and develop rapidly and become a frightening threat to our country, this can be done and encouraged by clean and authoritative leadership.

A clean spirit and soul can be a trigger to carry out a movement to eradicate these moral cases.

Another alternative that can be taken is through education, whether formal, informal, or non-formal. For example by applying moral learning in education. With this effort, perhaps the various moral cases that occur in our country can be minimized even though it takes a long time.

Based on the description that has been described above that other alternatives that can be done to reduce various moral cases today, then moral learning in the world of education becomes very important to organize one's personality through the moral values ​​taught in moral learning in schools. . school. world of education so as not to do things that can damage a person's morale so that he becomes a good person.

Education is a conscious and planned effort to create a learning atmosphere and learning process so that students actively develop their potential to have spiritual strength, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character, and the necessary skills.

Moral is something abstract, intangible but very important in human life. Thus, moral education is a real effort in shaping the morals of students to become the next generation of a moral nation.

Moral education is very necessary for humans, because through education it is hoped that moral development can run well, harmoniously and in accordance with the norms of human dignity.

That's all I can write, hopefully useful and thank you. See you in the next post. Nice to be here with you all!

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Moral learning in the world of education becomes very important.