It all fell down- See you on the other side!

4개월 전


I lost hope in Steem way before the SUN came out, right now all the joy and fun have been melted away. Not as a pessimist, but as a one time Steem Maximalist and a self ambassador, it was painful to Steem in such a state with so many things it could offer, yet it was a disappointment at some point in time. I kept wondering what would be going on in the minds of those Whales with huge chest of Steem and at such a price on CMC.

But this is beyond price now, its about moving on and i'm glad i stayed put from my start till my finish. I hope to get a share of my Hive tokens on the other side, but for now, thank you Steem and Steemit for the privilege and the opportunity so golden on the Blockchain!

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I feel like crying 😢

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SO much hope for Steem to recover, I guess Hive would surpass expectations