Brown Spider

24일 전

Hello steemians friends are back again tonight I greet you to share the latest posts of course.
I will return with a small animal post, which is as usual spider star but tonight this spider is certainly different from before of course,

Below are some photos:


Tonight again I'm back again I share some photos for all of you with the spider theme which is brown with this color he is very cunning for his disguise in looking for prey.


I took the photo above very closely so that we can recognize the original color of the spider. This spider really likes to eat small animals such as crickets or butterflies and can even record those that are bigger than its body.


All types of spiders are grouped into Araneae order; and together with scorpions, throat, mites-all eight-footed-included into the Arachnida class. The field of study on spiders is called arachnology.

That's my short story tonight hope you like it thank you.

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