The Bitcoin Market Is Beginning To Dissolve Elon Musk’s Grip

2개월 전

By David Kariuki
June 5, 2021

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is becoming a nuisance to Bitcoiners and this isn’t going well for the billionaire. On Thursday, he tweeted a picture hinting at his possible split from Bitcoin, which caused a slight price dump but a huge uproar in the crypto community.

However, Bitcoin hasn’t been severely battered as was expected, in fact, the digital asset has been on a resurgence trend since hitting $35k. Some are optimistic that BTC can now withstand some volatility from an instrumental tweet.

As of this writing, the BTC bulls are still fixated on attaining the $40,000 mark, two hours since hitting the $35k bottom. Some analysts said although there was panic selling, charts showed BTC jumped back to normalcy less than 4 hours after the tweet.

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