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Thanks for the video and thanks for highlighting one of the links I posted. It was a good listen while I was curating posts in Popular Stem and Steem Links. Several points that you made definitely resonated with me:

  • The difficulty of administering membership criteria in the Steem Links community.
  • The need to make sure that credit goes to the original source
  • The importance of discussion for this community to live up to its potential
  • The emergence of comment farming
  • The generally high quality/interest level/relevance of the links that people are choosing to share.

This is a different kind of community, and I definitely think it has a lot going for it, but as compared with other Steem communities it also comes with a unique set of challenges.

Relating to the engagement/manipulation post, I finally got around to watching, The Social Dilemma, on NetFlix last week-end. It was recommended to me by people on both the political-left and political-right, so has been on my "to watch" list for a while.

It's funny, because I was "primed" to agree with them. I hate the "Big Tech" oligopoly, and they had two of my favorite thinkers - Jaron Lanier and Jonathan Haidt. Even so, I came away disappointed and thinking that it was more fear-mongering than substance. I was also thinking that I might watch it again and write a post about it, though.


I will eagerly be looking forward to your review of The Social Dilemma! I did not walk away with the impression of fearmongering, so your perspective has me very curious. I have to admit, though, that I did not like the way they tried to portray the young boy as being so gullible as to end up in a violent protest. That was overkill for me, and perhaps falls into your perspective of fearmongering.

The other part about the young girl being overly concerned about the reactions to her posts was spot on; I have seen this with my own eyes. Young girls are really more at risk than boys.

I'll save my other impressions for your post. And I may go and watch it again, because I found it very eye-opening!

I really appreciate your feedback, and am grateful that you took the time to listen. I always enjoy the Links you select, as I know you are genuinely sharing material that you study before posting.

I've finally grown tired of the "comment farming" and am going to begin changing my approach again. I've fallen into the "reciprocity trap!" I've been feeling a sense of obligation when people leave comments, so I reply and give a small upvote to clear my conscience. But that's going to end. I've asked our Tech for the Steem Fanbase app to add an option to auto-upvote comments, so I will be dedicating a good portion of my Voting Power to Italy's Members; which means I won't be wasting any more time with these superficial comments.

I'll still continue to reflect, however, on the Membership problem for this Community.

Doing an excellent job is motivating, regardless of the effort, if the reward is our own satisfaction.
I wish you a happy tuesday


I agree! I get a lot of satisfaction from what do here on Steemit, and with my smartcasting.


Did you read or at least open any?

i have not been into the Steemlinks community in while, and I kinda feel guity.

You should be italian :( hahaha but i enjoy hearing your content, here the most important is quality i mean i want to open my pc and login here to learn to share to enjoy that the idea


Ha ha! I am Italian! I do shows in both Italian and English.