The Tommy Robinson Community

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It is probably only fitting that the first Community post for the Tommy Robinson community (hive-160867) is from @tommyrobinson.

You can read more information on the forthcoming Steem Communities in this post by @exyle : Steemit Beta is now open to everyone

If you want to join this community you can ask to join here.

James English meets Tommy Robinson to hear his story..jpg

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Nice to be here finally!

The rules of the community are the same as the comment rules listed on TR.News.

We at TR.News can control which comments appear here and whenever we see or are alerted to any of the following, they will be hidden:

  • Keep it civil and polite: this might be online but treat it like your local pub. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't say it here.
  • We have zero tolerance for incitement to violence against anyone or any group.
  • No posting of obviously illegal content or images.
  • We do not tolerate Jew hatred or the spreading of common antisemitic tropes designed to stir up Jew hatred.
  • If you're making wild claims you can't back up with facts, they will be removed.
  • Obvious scams and spam will be banned and blocked.
  • This list may grow.

The comments will be overseen by the @tr-news Steem account.


and now the task of introducing my friends to Steem and getting them used to massive random passwords to log in with.


I'm told there is some serious work underway to simplify and unify the various log in methods and sign ups. Both 3speak and steempress are making headway with allowing comments from users signed in with other accounts 3rd party sites with the view to being able to convert those over to Steem at some point.

The trajectory here, however, is very good and I'm looking forward to this quietly gaining popularity.


Hmmm, yep, the access is a nightmare. Everytime I login to 3Speak or any Steem site, need to remember again from scratch which PW or Key is which, lol.


The only way I manage it now is to use 1Password app on my Mac and iPhone and to have a single password to unlock the KeyChain extension in Brave and that same password for SteemConnect everywhere as well. It's a completely insane password (something like YVVTypi6n993711P9w)[ditpm+7%+R-V76).

So, don't know how many others are here yet, but I'll address the elephant in the room: The increasing intersectionality, and willingness by people in the movement, to entertain and debate the actual nazis (they call themselves nazis, so the label is fine), and give them a platform.

Seems that moral relatavism is causing many to lose their moral compass.

Timestamped to relevant segment. Mark Collett showing his true Psychosis.

I tried to clip it from the documentary to make a gif...maybe one of you can do it.