Somebody help

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Its official we all are migrating to Hive, meaning those and anyone who truly believes in true decentralization and not a sublime total control.

Now, since the move is imminent, it seems so many Steem plug-in and API isn't working anymore, maybe its the wrong term but Steemconnect is one of those important ones that most of us needed. How do we disengage Delegations from SteemBotTrackker if Steemconnect is no more working?

How do we disengage from Trails and Steem Auto? Is there any other alternative? Please help, before The Sun melts the remains of my Steem and Delegated Vested shares.

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You can use Steempeak along with Steem Keychain to remove delegations. Works fine for me.


Oh thanks Demotruk, i'll give it a try now.