The Wesak

5개월 전

One of the most important festivals on the Buddhist calendar, Wesak (or Vesak), is celebrated this week around the world - including holidays in several countries, such as Thailand, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The date marks the birth, enlightenment and death of Sidarta Gautama, the first Buddha, and is regarded as a great spiritual encounter between East and West .

On that occasion, wisdom, understanding and the flow of light in the human mind are evoked. The ceremony gains a lot of power because it is a high point of the spiritual year. It comes to contribute to the evolution of humanity and to open paths as a source of light and love, promoting harmony between all beings and the universe.


This cooperative effort of so many people united in invoking the energies of light and love (through meditation and prayers at the festival), added to the inner silence and concentrated energy, allows an expansion of consciousness more intense than at any other time in the world. Wesak is a time of great spiritual opportunity for everyone. It is excellent for internalizing awareness, meditation and reflection on how we can welcome our shadows and continue the path of evolution.


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