Places I'm looking forward to going to.


Covid 19 is a code used for corona virus, which started plaguing the world since 2019. If you are reading this, you've probably come across several news about this deadly pandemic and couldn't do anything than to isolate yourself, observe social distancing, use nose mask, use alcohol based sanitizer, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. And of course, that's how many of us have
been living for months. We are l living a new life.

Not only sickness can isolate a man. Many things can.

The first time a serious belly ache hooked me was when I knew the importance of good health. What I'm driving at is that sometimes, we don't know the deep effect of something until it happens to us. I've never been held on a random by criminals,I've never been stuck in a place by any reason whatsoever and neither have I been confined against my wish, but covid19 took all the record and dared me to step beyond my boundaries. Seriously, it's been boring staying home and doing the same everyday over and over again. No matter how much I change my routine, it still look similar. Gosh! I've missed many things, many people, activities and personal life hustle.

So which places I'm most looking forward to going to?


With corona virus still hitting people anyhow, it becomes difficult to do things the normal way. The lockdown is over in my country, but covid19 record is still at it's peak. I have many places to go after the covid rate subsides.

  • I'm going to visit my parents. I'm a Muslim andI love my religion.Ive been observing Ramadan from the day it started, except for few days I couldn't fast due to some reasons which is acceptable in the Alquran.


Celebrating the festival with my family would be awesome. I'm already preparing for my journey. I should be with them in 24 hours from when this post is submitted on the block chain.

  • Meeting my fiance:
    One of the things I've longed been waiting for is to meet the love of my life. The last time we met was December 2019. He stays in Abuja, the state capital, and I reside in Lagos state. For like 6months, we only communicate via phone.


I miss his touches, his care, and his funny gestures. Though he do make me laugh on phone but, not as touching as feeling his presence for real. The last time I travelled to his place, we joked of seeing each other by 2021. Corona virus has not taken root in the country, so it was only a joke, but it's playing out to be true gradually.The lockdown has been eased, but no inter-state movement via any means at the moment. It's just crazy. I'm missing my baby.

  • I also cannot wait to go on hiking as I used to with my friends once in 3 months.



Most of them are not around, we cannot get together for now, so the adventure that is supposed to take place this month would be postponed.



When we all get back together, climbing some mountains and working in tge wiid would be fantastic,.

I hope things get back to normal asap. Thank you gor reading.

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