FreeWrite Prompt : Cannibals - A food theme

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I am going to first time attempt and participate in FreeWriting conducted by @mariannewest. I don't know why I was not aware of it before but you might also want to check her post
Day 823: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: cannibals

Cannibal is not something which does not exist at all, and a human-animal relationship is a true value, one which would not exist if all the various values of life had to compete. If we are to tell the story of the relationship between the human being and the nonhuman being, a first requirement is that it must be intimate, or that in some way the human can feel it.
By this I mean the relation has to be based on an understanding that is no less profound than that of friendship. It is this sort of intimate human-animal relationship that we have to mark as essential to our understanding of the values of life, and to work with in deciding what those values will be. We cannot say that everything valuable in the world has to have a value of its own


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Great first freewrite! Welcome to the freewrite gang! :)


Thank yo so much, It does feel great :)

Welcome to the Freewriters!! And you found a great picture to go along with the theme :)
Hope you will come back often and write with us. Also check out the fun and games at the @freewritehouse.


I am definitely going to follow it more fun and hopefully write regularly. All the thanks to you for starting this awesome initiative


😀 Thank you. Looking forward to your future posts.

That is an absolutely fantastic food spread!


Thank you, it means a lot

Welcome to FreewriteHouse @fantacize. Cheers