Oatmeal is for winners

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Recently I wrote a post with my recipe for savory instant oatmeal when you have no kitchen. I love oatmeal and try to keep it on hand. I’m not too fond of it sweet, but I love it the way I make it. It’s got a lot of nutrition and taste.

Yesterday I got out to my local stores and found 800 grams of instant oatmeal for 5.35 RM, which is less than $1.40 usd. This will last me quite a while and I am thrilled with the price. It comes from Canada and is not organic, so I am living dangerously.

I realized when looking at my oatmeal recipe that I had left something out. I also add red kidney beans if I have them for fiber and other nutritional reasons. The reason I forgot the beans is because I have not been able to find them lately. The store I was getting them at went out of business a couple of months ago, and so out of sight, out of mind.

Then yesterday at the same place as the oatmeal, there were my canned beans too! Oh happy day. The can is 2.85 rm, or 70 cents usd and provides me with 4 servings of beans. This is a great addition to my healthy diet and I feel better just to know I have a source. If I keep these both on hand, there will be no more starving as I wait for money to transfer.

There are plenty of other canned beans in Malaysia, but all of them have tomato sauce I do not wish to eat. The type I like is plain and all I have to do is wash the slime off in order to eat them. These are similar to canned beans in the us and provide a little reminder of my old life. It’s always the little things that mean so much.

My post today is for the daily freewrite prompt with the word of the day being “oatmeal.” You can freewrite too, and you should! Go on over the current freewrite prompt, give it a try, and maybe you will surprise yourself.

My photo for this post is of my lovely new bag of oatmeal and taken with my mobile phone.

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I like oatmeal too! It is the first dish I teach my kids to make. We don't do the instant one, we do the stovetop one and we only really use it for breakfast (and breads and cookies).

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@fitinfunfood Certainly oatmeal is one of the most nutritious and beneficial foods for health, I'm glad they are within your reach.

I could feel your excitement when finding oatmeal and the beans you like, and I thought the same thing as you, "It is always the little things that mean so much." Enjoy! : )

Resident cat here, with another food item for today's prompt: https://steemit.com/hive-161155/@mariannewest/day-824-5-minute-freewrite-wednesday-prompt-radish

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Funny I have been on a bean and oat meal kick the last 6 months. I use dry beans and usely mix them.

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