5 Minute Freewrite Prompt Continuation Part 41 | Mud Wrestling

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So did she say anything when Ingrid moved back home and, instead of taking that position at the university, chose to work as a clerk at the local library ? No! Did she ever mention her disappointment that her brilliant daughter with the doctorate had steamed paper for the last several years? Not a word! Did she say anything when Cassy opened that bar in New York and had women mud wrestling as part of her opening act? Nope!



Did she ever suggest that Cassy might want to dress a little less provocatively? Never! Or that she was rushing into marriage? Of course, Cassy and Bran were meant to be together; just one look at their happy faces told her everything a mother needed to know. But even if she did not approve, Joanna knew better than to get into it with her daughters. Because just one "Perhaps we have had enough cookies?" (After all, the girls had eaten three each already!) and there was that face. The one that said Mother knows least.

Or else she would be shut out as she had been that morning. Did they think she did not notice? She was jealous sometimes, of the bond the sisters had between them, just as she had been jealous a long time ago of the easy relationship they have had with their father. Daughters. They could cut you with a look.


This is a continuation free write prompt which turned into a short story novel. Perhaps, not so short anymore; anyhow hope you enjoy it. For previous prompts about the Witches of Farrenmore Heights; scroll below for each link


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