5 Minute Freewrite Prompt Continuation Part 42 | Night Gown


Joanna's hands began to shake. She wanted to do this. She would do this. It was just a pie, after all, she told herself. It was just part of the baking process. Bake pie. Burn pie. Restore pie. "Don't tell anyone," she whispered. Recovery and renewal was her brand of witchcraft. She covered the burned pie with a dish towel, whispered a few words, and when she removed it, the crust was golden brown and perfect.


Jack's eyes widened and he began to bounced on his heels. "You're a witch!" he said with glee.

"Shhh!" Joanna eyes danced but she looked around in fear. No one had called her that for centuries. It brought back too many memories, not all of them good.

"What's going on down here?" Cassie said out loud while walking down the stairs in what seemed to be a sexy see through night gown; absolutely unsuitable in the eyes of this little boy.


This is a continuation free write prompt which turned into a short story novel. Perhaps, not so short anymore; anyhow hope you enjoy it. For previous prompts about the Witches of Farrenmore Heights; scroll below for each link


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