Adventurous ducklings


The duckling came out of the house and went straight to the road. He is walking loudly. The legs are not visible. Looks like a cricket ball is rolling.
A fox saw the cub. He said happily, "Wow, this morning is great." I found a duckling in the stomach of hunger. Where is the baby going?

The words of the fox have also reached the ears of the ducklings. The baby said, my journey is good. Because I'm not alone anymore. A fox is walking behind the road to push me forward.

The fox said, I don't talk much with the prey. I grabbed it. But good luck to you. I'm still chatting with you. I hear where you are going alone.

At sea. The baby started walking louder.

Why is there a hole and a pond in the sea? Said the fox.

The duckling said that a little water and a ditch are not for everyone. Why would I fall into such a small hole? I will grow up fighting the huge waves of the sea.

You have less courage, said the fox. Wait, listen to me.

I don't have time to stand. Let’s talk while walking.

The fox was surprised to see that there was nothing to fear in the cub. The baby is as nice to look at as it is agile and intelligent. And his words are very funny.

The fox had a lot of fun listening to the cubs. He started walking with the baby.

The fox said, let's walk along the narrow road in this forest. It will be very easy for you to go to sea.

Come on, said the baby. They are walking through the forest. The joy of going to sea in the mind of the baby.

After going some distance, the fox suddenly started running backwards.

Who are you, stand up, roared a lion.

The baby stood up and said, oops, it's hard, no one wants to understand how far the sea is. Who are you again

I am a lion. Everyone is scared to see me and leaves with respect. Are you leaving without that salutation? I will swallow you now.

Why am I going to greet you? Said the baby.

Because I am the beast king, said the lion.

Beast King! The baby said to himself. Then he stood up and saluted the king. And he said, if I had not gone out on a trip, I would not have known many things. Wow, now I got to see the king. My luck is really very good. I have heard many stories about the king of the forest from my mother. Today, seeing the king filled my mind but my soul trembled.

Why did your soul tremble? The king wanted to know.

My mother just told me stories of the king's strength and courage. But the king did not say that he ate a small duckling like me.

The lion said, "I never eat small animals like you." I just scared you. But you are quite agile and brave. You can speak great. Let me hear what your mother has said about the beast king.

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