Something about flowers


I took some photos of them and wants to show you in this post, hope you like. I created a blog about nature and every day I try to share new photos with you.

Even if I sit at home and do household chores, it's not a problem for me to go and take some photos for my blog.

If you are giving out of love or simply the obligation, if the smile that you give it is of short duration or if it lasts a life, the blue flower and feels and conveys the joy, the love that love love.


It's not worth a gesture if it does not start from the heart, because it can turn against me. I love all the flowers and I think everyone has something special and can convey something unique to the person who is dedicated.

This flower can not be replanted anywhere, it only grows where it finds its purpose, which is often not seen by all because of the weeds that surround it.

Flowers are always generous, they give everyone, people, insects, birds, their beauty, their fragrance.

We all dream of not knowing what magical garden with roses instead of enjoying the roses that grow right in front of our house.


with its soft petals and the enormous perfume, the true king of flowers, an ingredient in ancient magic rituals, a living inspiration for artists, universal symbol of love and victory, cure health and beauty springs, rose is the most famous and probably the most beloved flower.

For flowers, spring is life.
The flowers recognize spring and are always waiting for it ready, ready to be reborn.

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