The Great Challenge Changes of the World as a Consequence of COVID-19.

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Good morning, during this world quarantine generated by this Coronavirus Pandemic, an unprecedented catastrophe for our humanity, I have carried out my own analyzes and interpretations of the incidences of this Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine in life and health of humanity, sustaining my research in information sources; considering a learned reflection on the significant value of life in the face of the disease this pandemic has registered a high percentage of affectation and mortality, exceeding the first-order health protocols in developed countries and considered to be of a high level in Health such as the health systems of Europe. , The United States and China, regardless of race, age social condition, religion, or educational levels, have been terrible scenes of pain, regret, tears, anguish, fear and uncertainty.


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This reality of these scenarios of loss of loved ones, families, caused by this terrible pandemic spread worldwide with rapid contagion characteristics and without a vaccine to combat it, we must recognize that a group of expert researchers work hard and multidisciplinary to the search for the solution to stop the deaths of the inhabitants of this planet.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to change paradigms in general terms at the global level of the plans of each nation in many countries. The Main PRIORITY of the Nation established was in LEGAL or ECONOMIC matters ethics, employment, taxes; government policies and did not consider the challenge of their own human essence as that of preserving life, only monetization mattered, economic profitability has led us to these questions:

What do we do with accumulation of money, wealth, assets ?; Where is our health going in humanity? HEALTH is and will always be our PRINCIPAL WORLD PRIORITY immediately; Contingency plans will be established in the face of pandemics as well as other catastrophes that affect our lives and the animals of this planet.

There are less developed and oppressed countries in Latin America in decline with needs from food, lack of water supply, health systems among other necessary factors, the only protocol is to take care of ourselves with homemade masks, quarantine and social isolation, we do not count With the help of governments or special protocols, we have found that the only and true solution is to Trust and Cry out to GOD, Prayer and Fasting to the Creator of Heaven and Earth have been awakened, asking in prayers for the elimination of this pandemic and for the health of the sick; "God is Our Hope, Truth and Life."

Changes that we will experience as a result of the incidents at the end of this pandemic are the following:

Stay at home, as a family during quarantine, the benefit of rest, share with your family, spend time with your children; as well as pets.


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Ecosystem the environment has been favorable due to low environmental pollution, there is more oxygen on the planet and we have verified the integration of fauna in the streets and cities and has allowed greater reproduction, for example, of fish. This quarantine for the environment has been the restoration of natural habitat.

Fishermen from the Choroní parish, from the Girardot municipality of the Aragua state in, Venezuela, were surprised by the large number of fish they found on the banks, it is what we call miraculous fishing they donated on Palm Sunday more than 1,500 kilos of fish to the inhabitants of the community.


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Food shortages will be a reality the shortages of basic necessities, influencing this in inflation where demands are greater than the supply behavior of the market.


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Unemployment, the closure of activities and the lack of government investments, this leads to a decrease in income that will affect savings. Unemployment can have negative psychological consequences such as a decrease in self-esteem, depression, anxiety, etc. It produces an impoverishment of the concept that one has of oneself.

Incidence in class losses at different educational levels; as well as in arts remaining by studious distances option.

Consequences in the cessation of productive agricultural, livestock industrial commercial and hydrocarbon activities and services in general, in addition to the closure of shopping centers and entertainment venues reducing the production of goods or services in general.

Incidences Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a macroeconomic indicator that collectively measures consumption, investment, government spending, imports and exports; We can define it as the sum of the final goods and services that a country produces in a specific period of time generally in quarters or in a year. When we talk about goods and services we take into account food, clothing, supermarkets, houses, cars, security among others It is an important factor since it is an indicator of development in many areas such as education, security, infrastructure health, the government or taxes. It is also an element that foreign investors take into account in deciding where to inject their capital. GDP is a way of evaluating the economic activity of a country

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The momentous change is the decrease in the world population, according to statistics the highest percentage of the elderly and people with serious diseases.

Changes in the budgets of each nation will result in a reduction of expenses for labor liabilities (retirement and pensions) and reduction of expenses of the health system for the elderly.

Changes in personality, some people may have stages in mental disorders and existential conflicts that could harm us by not facing panics, anxiety, fear, depression, insomnia, among others, due to the loss of loved ones, friends and even the loss of employment and / or lifestyle changes. Family crisis generated by the external context, could lead to separations, lack of adaptation to the new changes of the parents towards the children and vice versa includes even education, this could occur in families that are not sustained by love, family, union the tolerance. Crisis in the religious churches established worldwide, there will be a number of the population that in the face of this tragedy changes their religion; in some their faith will have changed and another part of the population included me we will become more entrenched in God.

To close I emphasize that my analysis is not pessimistic but realistic under these scenarios during the quarantine in many affected countries work has ceased and production is not necessary for subsistence government agencies have had to subsidize this global health emergency so that each inhabitant has at least how to feed themselves while the economy and commercial activity in each country is reactivated; imminent financial crisis looming The threat of the environment is on the uncertain horizon in which we live in fiscal matters and public decisions. It is always a possibility, nobody has any certainty to respect, there are relevant government decisions. We are exposed to these assumptions that countries such a some countries decide to carry out Bank financial corrals, since amid uncertainty, savers and investors for fear of financial risks want withdraw all your money from these financial entities located in these aforementioned countries; as well as we will see that it will be difficult for the population and companies to pay financial debts and mortgages; this translates into financial risks.

On the other hand we will also see affected the stock market in general lines, being the shares with exceptions of higher price the Private Clinics, of medical surgical pharmacological Supplies, producers of articles of personal hygiene, being the some countries benefited in the stock market; since this emergency situation managed to acquire shares at low cost in the United States and Europe.

In addition, we will observe a decrease in the income and activities of insurance and reinsurance companies that will decrease due to incidents, since in a population with a low purchasing power, it will be difficult for them to pay insurance, being the most necessary thing to hire for hospitalization, maternity and medical consultations and medicines.

Proliferation in these changes in asymmetric markets; where the seller knows what he is selling and the buyer does not know it; in the end the transaction instead of representing an investment what you will actually acquire will be an expense example of it used vehicles commonly studied in financial matters the so-called lemon markets.

This year 2020 The world vision will be the restoration of the countries in many aspects, we are facing the Great Challenge of Humanity in the search for the solution of our needs in the face of challenges and obstacles.

How could a financial crisis hit us? It is difficult to make projections, it is unreliable that an economic and financial model would allow us to estimate what would happen under a crisis scenario. The interactions of the variables at stake are too many and too complex, but the experiences of previous crises in other countries, of which there is a large list, should help us to visualize the size of the blow.

The consequences vary depending on the nature of the economy of each country and the main cause that causes it, but all show a very painful impact for different sectors of society. For example, they all show a substantial impact on the poorest due to the fall in employment, the increase in inflation and the sudden contraction of public social spending.

the only way to avoid suffering these consequences is to adjust the economy by reducing expenses, increasing income, or both, to eliminate the cause of debt. There seems to be no other way but to reach an agreement for that purpose. Of course, it is not easy for any government, especially with elections just around the corner; But the economic cost and the social setback of not doing so will be too great for society.

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A financial crisis is a more or less sudden disturbance that produces a considerable loss of value in institutions or financial assets that have a decisive influence on the course of business and general financial and economic activity and that causes a fundamental imbalance between the demand for means of financing made by economic subjects and the offer made by financial entities or intermediaries. It may be associated with original problems caused in the banking system, in the foreign exchange markets, in the stock market and the price of shares, in public debt and in the ability to pay in one or more countries, or even in some specific markets. that cause subsequent problems in the financing mechanisms of the economy.

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Food recommendations we must buy in times of economic crisis to eat well and have good health to help us cope with diseases.

1.- Grains, you can choose your taste or preference, especially lentils that contain proteins.
3 eggs
4.- Milk and dairy
5.- vegetables and fruits
6.- Cereals.
7.- Garlic and onion.
8.-Fish and meat.
9.- Pasta
10.-Canned tuna and / or sardines

Food family economic plan:

Make a meal plan according to what you have in the pantry of your home and considering the family's income; as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.

Review market offers, coupon strategies, promotions.

Efficient use of the quantity of supplies for each plate avoiding the food surplus, this practice will reduce your expenses.

Asking Everyone for a Prayer, God of the Our Father, regardless of religion because God is not Religion; We ask for his mercy and the forgiveness of our sins; Waiting FOR A MIRACLE TO STOP THIS PANDEMIC, IN THE POWERFUL NAME OF JESUS, AMEN.

I ask for a minute of silence for the victims who died from this pandemic. Rest In Peace.

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