Shadow ghost #Part-1



It was around 4.30 PM when I got the called from that patient uncle. He told that he reach Chennai airport and ask me to come and get her and to help him to reach CMC. He came along with his younger brother who doesn’t know any language except Manipuri.

I reach airport soon and I was uncles waiting for me. The colour of his body was fully yellowish. His eyes were too yellow. All his skin looks yellow. I found out that it’s because of Kidney problem. All the poisonous of the body are coming out in blood making it yellow in colour.

We reached doctor in CMC hospital. They told that it’s really serious and need to major open surgery. But at least a month have to wait for surgery as there are already 1000s people booked for surgery. And he also told that He may not survive more than 20 days without that operation.

Oh my god. I was shocked and so scared. I was thinking to go for another hospital but that night.

But that night, he started vomiting blood. We were in nearby Hotel. It was around 1:00 AM. He wakes us up and complaining of stomach pain. He fist passed motion with blood. He also passed urine which is too blood. So scared, don’t know what to do. My second uncle run outside to call ambulance and help.

He keeps on vomiting blood. Seems like he is not able to breathe properly. He started taking long breath. His mouth was all blood. I try to remove blood from his mouth with a cloth.

Suddenly he slightly smiles and said – My time has come, I want to die at least in my home. How would be my wife and family?

I was shocked to hear that and my eyes fills with tears and I told him – please don’t say that. Everything will be all right. Uncle went to get doctors and ambulance. Everything will be all right.

He said that – “No, I know my time has come. I can see bad spirit (ghost) coming to take my soul around here. I have seen them from morning itself inside this room. I didn’t tell u guys because you guys may get scared and afraid. Now also there is a HEAD without body on the top of TV just right there “.

I was trembling just turn out fast to see on the top of TV. Oh god, I didn’t see anything. But my hairs get stood up and I was frightened to dead. I can feel like something around us. Then I cry and said – “Why are you saying like that, there I nothing on TV. It’s just your imagination and you will be fine. Please don’t worry. Everything will be fine.

Again He said taking long breath – “Can’t you see stupid. It’s right there on the top of TV. He even smiles at me. Just a head is here with wide open eyes”.

I was again dead scared and look out very fast toward TV. This time, I really saw a monster head without a body looking angrily to my eyes. It has long teeth, wide open, red eyes, and hair like thread. It’s just like I used to see in Horror movies. I shouted loud (“Ahhhhhhhhh”) at the moment I was it and it just got disappear within a second. I know that now he will surely die. (May be I am also after that..). In that moment, I hear uncle (went to call doctor) calling me outside with ambulance sound. I know that he came along with ambulance and doctor. I response him and run outside. When I reach outside, I found no one else, no uncle, no ambulance. It was around 1.30 AM. I know that it’s going to be something wrong inside. I run inside the room again and found that uncle was lying with blood in his mouth, seems just vomited again. When I called him, he didn’t reply at all. I move his body, still no reaction. I know that fucking ghost Head has taken his soul. I shouted angrily – “How dare you, come in front of me. Why are you doing like this to him. Come and fight me if you could, you ghost, I will kill you…”

But no response.

Hearing my shout, next room person came. He saw blood vomiting from uncle everywhere in the room, in the bed and all around. At that time, my another uncle came with ambulance and a nurse. He was shocked to see that.

Afterwards, he also told that he saw that same head when he went to call ambulance and doctor. That head keep on scaring him and stop from calling ambulance and doctor.

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