Emperor - Short Story

2년 전

In the distance, from The Tower I heard bells. They marked the beginning of the afternoon. Only afternoon? I sat in the grand hall, receiving visits from the representatives of the Council of Governors one by one. Of course, I already knew them all, that is, I knew who they were. About some I knew more about some less but, nevertheless, the protocol required me to meet everyone and listen to them. Many were superficial just as they seemed, and their demands and ideas did not reach far. They wanted basic rights for them and their subjects. Until now, I have not yet received someone who is really dangerous, these meetings these meetings will follow. This day is hard and too much is in my mind. But I had to gradually access everything. Of course, for every spoken sentence and the request from the Governors, many words of my many advisers followed. Behind each of their advice were many secrets and traps. I talked a little, giving them the knowledge that I listened to them, but gave a little in return.


I divided my mind into three Presences. That's what my tutor called it. That elderly killer taught me everything that is worthy of my skills. I inherited from my father only talent. Tutor was Alar, and he was my companion ever since I know about myself. Every one of my memories is related to him and every knowledge, or at least the basis of knowledge originated from him. One of the most important exercises that I had to master was the Divide of the mind into the Presence. It is actually the ability to divide your mind into more than two compartments, each to work separately, that is, each part of the mind deals with specific issues with shared attention. This allowed me to listen to the Governor's requirements in this situation, and I made all their statements unmistakable in my memory while I considered the other part of my consciousness how to set myself up in the early days of my reign. While in the third part of my consciousness, I still tried to understand this vortex of events around me and accept the role assigned to me. This division into three Presences did not represent an excessive effort for me, for an unknown reason. Alar told me that a few people in the world, in various Schools and Academies all over the world, can share their minds with more than four Presences. He could personally divide it into five, while my father could in six. Perhaps this advantage enabled him to successfully manage all things in his life and the Empire without too much mistakes. Personally, when I was fifteen years old, I have been able to share my mind into seven Presences, and now I can do it in nine. My tutor never told me how much and whether it was special, but in his eyes I saw a spark of joy whenever I managed to open my mind for a new Presence.

Alar was really unique in many aspects. He possessed knowledge of history, tactics, handling of every kind of weapon, alchemy, medicine, he knew nine languages and possessed the Seventh rank in the Temple of Power. I never knew how one life, full of adventure he had recounted, managed to live so much and gain so much knowledge. All this, or parts of it, he handed me over. All knowledge except knowledge of Power. He told me that I had to reach it myself, whatever it meant. As soon as the reception is over, I am going to find him. He will help me put all the pieces together.

I brought immediate attention to the part of the consciousness that was at the meeting and continued to listen to long tirade.

It was already late at night when the last meeting was over. I dismissed the advisers to go on their own way. Tired of the whole day spent in the chair, I ran to the distant tower in which Alar lived. After three hundred and four steps, which helped me to feel a little better in my body, I found myself in front of those doors that I visited countless times. I entered without knocking. The main room was full of potions and dried plants that were scattered all over the room. He never liked the systematic arrangement of his things. I quickly walked through all the rooms but he was not there. My eyes fell on his bed, there was a letter. A piece of paper that contained one sentence "I am waiting for you in your quarters, it is important".

That one, simple sentence, awoke in me some fear. Fear greater than the one when they reported that my father was killed. I ran out of breath, while the tension was getting stronger in me.

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