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I doubt anyone has been paying attention, but I haven't been posting to Steem. But I have been paying some attention to a few Discord channels and have seen some crazy stuff happening.

There's a crusade against @steembasicincome by someone who doesn't agree with their existence. Granted this person has a right to think whatever they want and the system lets them downvote to express their opinion.

But the question this person should be asking themselves is "I can downvote, but should I?" Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. I've seen there have been attempts to reason with this person but instead he's taken to downvoting more, though he has changed his target to vote only people who give shares rather than everyone who gets an upvote from SBI (at least as of this writing).

I was troubled by the downvoting actions designed to take down SBI, a Steem project designed to provide to support to members of any size account. But then @freewritehouse became a target.

enter image description here

That was me when I found out. @freewritehouse, besides being a welcoming supporting community, has used Steem to help REAL people struggling with REAL LIFE issues. They've run campaigns to support those in Venezuela when their economy crashed. They've raised funds for individual members when they've needed the help. I can't remember specific examples but that's part of what this post and giveaway is about.

For many of us, the few cents or dollars we earn from posting to Steem is chump change. For others though it can make a huge difference in their life and @freewritehouse has been instrumental in coordinating and helping in any way they can. @mariannewest, founder of @freewritehouse, is one of the most kind and generous people I've met online and off.

Targeting such a person and community is just cruel.

Taking out your anger or spite on a community like this just to prove a point or pad your own pocket is disgraceful. I have to assume that the downvoter doesn't know what harm they are doing and that's what this post is about.

My experiences with @steembasicincome and @freewritehouse have been incredibly positive. No, more than that. Uplifting. Rewarding. Empowering. I'm not the only one I know.

Share your story

So what about that SBI I promised? Well, here's what you need to do to get some.

I'm looking for genuine stories, ones that make it clear why the communities are positive forces here on Steem. I'm going to give at least 75 SBI units to those who respond and appear to be valid, authentic stories. How many each person gets depends on how many people respond.

The shares will be sent with @freewritehouse as the sponsor so that account can get all the benefit!

Please resteem so many people can have the opportunity to share their stories.

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Escribí hace muchos meses atrás un cuento sobre una hormiga, se trata de una serie en la que trabajo para niños. @mariannewest encontró uno de estos cuentos y quiso leerlo en su programa de radio, así que le dije que si.
Ese fué mi primer contacto con el grupo de escritores freewrite. Para entonces solo existía una versión en inglés y @mariannewest me invitó a escribir para el grupo y probar la publicación en español desde mi cuenta. Así inició el Spanish Freewrite.

Soy de esos usuarios que experimentan muchos problemas económicos por la situación en Venezuela. @freewritehouse y @mariannewest me tendieron una mano amiga para ayudarme a crecer en Steemit, recuerdo que participamos juntos en un programa para hacer llegar útiles escolares a niños necesitados de donde yo vivo y también puedo asegurar que, en su bondad, ha ayudado a personas con necesidades específicas.
Recuerdo con mucho cariño el cómo @freewritehouse y @mariannewest se avocaron junto a muchos escritores del proyecto a ayudar a una participante que se enfrentó a una cirugía bastante difícil. Se reunieron fondos para apoyarla y se logró hacer la cirugía y contribuir con parte del tratamiento.

Es toda una injusticia querer castigar a una comunidad que desde sus comienzos ha buscado el bienestar de sus integrantes. Yo mismo puedo decir que hoy puedo costear algunos de mis gastos con las recompensas y el trabajo duro y genuino que se realiza aquí. Además, se ha formado una grupo de personas geniales de habla hispana que aportan contenido de calidad y más importante aún, que aportan sentido de pertenencia a algo productivo.

Cuando la comunidad empezó a usar el programa SBI no entendía bien cómo funcionaba o cómo podía esto ayudar a los escritores. Hoy puedo ver como los que escribimos para el proyecto nos beneficiamos de esta entrada gracias al SBI.

@mariannewest no solo es una mujer muy bondadosa que usa su experiencia para ayudar sin interés comercial, también es una mujer muy valiente porque desde que comenzó a tener problemas con estos votos negativos NO dejó de utilizar el programa SBI para seguir ayudando a la comunidad de la Freewritehouse. Debemos ser valientes como ella y ayudar todo lo que podamos a nuestra valiosa comunidad de escritores. Gracias @ntowl por esta iniciativa.

Espero que muchos de los escritores españoles puedan sumarse y escriban su experiencia con el proyecto también; aquí mencionaré algunos:

@lisfabian @isgledysduarte @jakim7 @saulos @sacra97 @cefralelo @oneray @mllg y estoy seguro de que faltan más personas por mencionar...


Thank you @latino.romano for representing the Spanish freewrite community. I know you've been spearheading that branch for some time and it is a symbol of how inclusive and welcoming @freewritehouse and @mariannewest are.

I'm so glad you were able to share the personal story of how you've benefited you and your local community. This is exactly the type of information I was hoping people would share to prove that the communities don't deserve a blind downvote because those downvotes hurt people.

I hope others in the Spanish community respond to your call! Thank you again for sharing.


I know how hard you work to keep the Spanish community of @freewritehouse going, @latino.romano. We are so lucky to have you, and I am so excited to see what more comes.

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I came to Steemit more as a prolific musician, looking for a particular musician someone had posted up without his permission ... the community wisely did not reward that post, of course ... but that is how I found Steemit, and then started sharing my own music as I could.

However, I was writing every day on different projects anyhow, and had not thought to take that writing every day to Steem until I stumbled across my first freewrite prompt from @mariannewest and @freewritehouse, in May last year. "Window," as it happened. That thing was HUGELY rewarded, and that is how I got noticed by @ocd, who helped me to minnow status! Whole different story, but, none of that would have happened without @mariannewest and @freewritehouse!

I started writing a few times a week, then every day. Then came the "Nunchucks" freewrite. Had no clue what to do with that at first... then I remembered a detective I made up 20 years ago ... Ironwood Hamilton ... he ended up controlling an entire riot with the help of an old teacher in a Catholic school -- you should have seen how that nun chucks eggs to stop a fight.

Captain Hamilton ended up taking on all the "What do I do with this?" prompts as clues, and the world around him started to grow ... I eventually placed him in the county I made up in Virginia for some Civil-War era stories I had just finished at that time: Lofton County, but in modern-day Virginia.

Then, I started looking at the headlines coming through in the last three years -- from Virginia for real, and elsewhere ... the racial issues from the Civil War are still alive and well ... and Captain Hamilton had to start dealing with that, since he was in modern-day Virginia. When the prompts fell right, he did so.

Then, in July, @freewritehouse made me its author of the week, and I decided to come up with extra content in its honor! This is where something happened that never would have happened otherwise ... I know that I could write for five minutes every day, but I had never tried to write a novel in two weeks! How prolific was I, really -- could I do it? Would it be good enough to be read, commented on -- could I build an audience for it?

Yes to ALL OF IT. Without @freewritehouse, I never would have found out how powerful and prolific an author I really am. Because, see, I would never had done THIS...

black, white, red cover 6.jpg

THIS ...

the posture of innocence, cover 2.png

Or THIS ...

the field of blood, version 2.jpg

Or THIS, which I received for The Field of Blood because @mariannewest encouraged me to do #nanowrimo ...


That all happened between July and November 30, 2019, because of @mariannewest and the @freewritehouse -- and, in addition, because I was able to swing Black, White, and RED All Over to Amazon, I have also been able to convert work on Steem to USD, if you will, because Steemians and others have actually gone and bought it to read at one sitting instead of clicking through here on Steemit (although you can read the first draft still; the posts are on the blockchain forever!)

All of this because of the daily work @mariannewest and the @freewritehouse do daily in providing writing prompts and building a community of supportive writers and readers. In addition, my daily writing does well enough now so that I am periodically able to help Steemians in real need with my earnings. This is true even though I have never worked with anything but a bear market: because I daily (well, six days a week and twice on Sundays for now) am producing quality work, the rewards stay to the point that I have enough to share with others since there is little point in cashing out in the U.S.

It infuriates me to think that some thoughtless person wishes to disrupt all the good that is being done by and with @mariannewest and the @freewritehouse. I could not write this four days ago because I was so angry. I content myself in saying two things: NO ONE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO DESTROY OR DENY THE GOOD THAT YOU HAVE DONE AND ARE DOING, @mariannewest and @freewritehouse -- the blockchain and our hearts know the truth forever! Secondly, should I win any portion of the 75 shares, @ntowl, please split them between @mariannewest and the @freewritehouse -- it is the LEAST I can do for all they have done for me!


First I need to say you are amazing! The writer in me idolizes your prolificness (not a word but it should be!). Your story is a testament to the impact the community, and @mariannewest in particular, has had on people. As you said your life is much different, much improved, for having found it. And now you're able to pass it on to others as your able.

The shares will be sent with @freewritehouse as the sponsor so I'll have yours go to @mariannewest as you requested. Thank you again for sharing so much!


Trying this engage thing to reward great comments:

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You are the perfect example of all a freewriter should be @deeanndmathews, and how the program works to help steemers grow. So glad you posted your story here.


Thank you ... just trying to get uphold all that has been built here so others can benefit...

So, what do I do with the engage tokens? I don't quite get it ...


They are in your steem-engine, @deeanndmathews. You need 1000 to do anything. Are you in the engagement league of @abh12345? Join that one if not :)

I thought you were finishing your book @ntowl 😁 and that's why I hadn't seen you. 🙏 Great contest and thank you for your @freewritehouse love, I'm sure you'll get plenty of entries. 🤞💕


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Hey @wonderwop! Yes I'm finishing it up. My school workload was pretty tough last term too.

Do you have a story to share? You've been an active supporter as long as I can remember...

Hey @ntowl I agree completely, blindly targeting @freewritehouse just because we support @steembasicincome is just cruel!

Yea I say We!

I started into the @freewritehouse and learned of @steembasicincome at about the same time... it was a tough time for me dealing with health concerns, right @mariannewest? From embracing the daily freewrite and challenging myself as a distraction from my health concerns I discovered something within me I had not known. Creative writing from a realism stand point runs deep within my veins and I am able to work through the thoughts and feelings that make no sense till writing them.(maybe such as this comment)

This led me to embracing regular posting and I won @Partiko partnership with my writings. Was welcomed into the @steemitbloggers community for strength of my writings and consistency ultimately leading me to my most rewarding time on STEEM pushing me to create the best content I could!

Nothing lasts forever and I tired, @partiko has shut down its support for partners, I was booted from @steemitbloggers due to inactivity(strict rules and I totally understand), I even lost the majority of my support from larger whales due to(what I assume) the noticeable downtrend in my content. Yet there was a light simply because I knew some votes would not disappear!

Some may argue this is why @steembasicincome has to go but I say it’s the reason it has to stay! I have experienced the creator burnout and bounced back several times on my 2 year(as of tomorrow) journey on STEEM, which I remind you I discovered all I know about content creation that has become my therapeutic outlet enabling me to get out of depression for the first time in my life! I say SBI must stay because without a baseline to the value of my content based on my willingness to invest(that STEEM is locked up for life don’t forget) there is no visibility for me which gains the desired interaction/acknowledgment for what I am creating.

At the point of my burnout I had a pretty stable bottom support because I know how to make use of services available to me, I tested a few posts without and seeing pennies after becoming used to dollars was painful and semi insulting. I even questioned my entire journey on STEEM as if it was a facade, yet looking at what I have accomplished by being willing to pay forward the support I receive stops those thoughts cold. Support such as SBI or @OneLoveDTube the community I founded.

So what is my story of how @SBI and the @FreeWriteHouse has influenced me? Well take a look at my journey of self discovery, healing, and learning and you tell me that both of them didn’t play an influential role in my journey!

Plainly stated, I found myself! The self I hadn’t met yet! Man ohh man is he a cool dude 😎 such an amazing outlook on life ✌️


This reply - and yours, @wandrnrose7 - are worthy of being entire posts.
(Could be you did post but I don't check my newsfeed often enough.)
Go @d00k13! Dude!
We can unite - we've already done that! - and we can get the downvoter to move on. How much damage can one voter do? How much power does downvoting help him imagine he has? Maybe the guy needs a rescue dog to distract him from his negativity. (I'm afraid to post this, lest I'm throwing gas on the fire.)

As for me, I have found inspiration and camaraderie at #freewritehouse and friends I will treasure for life, whether or not we ever meet face to face. When I look back at the freewrites I've written since joining here, I'm amazed at the quantity and variety of stories that emerged from a simple prompt. Also, I love seeing how other writers respond to the prompt. No two are ever the same. Each is unique and so many of them have drawn out personal, heartfelt tales (and, in a related vein, the #31sentencecontest drew a story from @deirdyweirdy that is not to be missed!).
I can't say enough good things about this community, the supportive upvotes (even when we don't have two cents to offer), the contests, and, dare I say it, the SBI... not to mention the charitable causes.

There are others who malign freewriting but at least they're not downvoting - just failing to see how the freewrites help build stronger writers. The main complaint seems to be publishing freewrites in their raw, unedited form. So many of these have been polished and edited - and look where @kaelci is going with her Jenny and Joey series. It's fun. It's productive. We even have an anthology published (on amazon) with stories that began here as freewrites - spearheaded that (correct me if I'm wrong I should never rely on my memory!).

Thank you @freewritehouse and #freewriters for being a great community!


Thank you @carolkean! You are an amazing encourager and your comments have often lifted my spirits! You have truly touched the heartbeat of the @Freewritehouse and our unique blessing of daily prompt delivery by the amazing volunteers. That idea of @mariannewest goes far in encouraging emerging writers!


Awww thank *you - you're definitely beyond the "emerging" stage as a writer. Your prose style and your heartfelt stories are a testament to the talent at freewritehouse. You're also one with personal stories that are heartwrenching. I appreciate the courage of people who've survived child abuse or a manipulative, controlling spouse (@mariannewest, @wakeupkitty, @deirdyweiry to name just a few). It does my heart good to come across the occasional happy childhood like @wonderwop's - the sadness there is losing a wonderful parent to old age. And yes, the prompt delivery team is an amazing group of volunteers. I know how time consuming that once-a-week job can be!


Big hugs 🤗. You did it again. I sit here suffering the first day of this awful flu and you affirm my writing like a pill of sunshine, sister.


Ohhh not the flu!! May you be better soon! And writing/reading. Alas, when bedridden with the flu, even reading is a challenge. Much less writing.
I wonder if you got the flu shot - I've done so every year since 1988, and only once, last March, did I get the flu. Last week I got the new shingles vaccination. I am aware of the controversies, but I continue to get needled, figuring it's better than getting the thing itself, whatever that may be. Be well! Sending you sunbeams :)🤗


This is by far one of my favourite parts of the community... arguments of positivity and well being 🤣🤣🤣

😘 when I’m feeling low I so get a kick outa reading you two’s comments 😅 though in those moments I often don’t respond


You had ample cause, recently, getting rehomed, and all, for feeling low - but I hope all is well now.
Who has time to respond to everything, especially when we might be wasting dust votes of cluttering the blockchain with emojis? You have a life! Thanks for stopping by with a comment this time. Not expected, just fyi! No guilt!!


I keep trying to respond as myself (marianne) but I guess I am failing on that one. So, yes, I do remember well when you were having health problems. So glad that you are still here and more so, that you are doing better!
Big hug!


The trick I use is separate browsers, chrome and brave have the same extensions and work the same Firefox for any extras 😉 still gets confused some times 😅 I can remember a dookie post on onelove and a onelove post on dookie 🤦‍♂️

Thanks for all the support my dear... what did I say once... freewrite mother, was it? ❤️

I am the writer I am today because stumbled on @mariannewest account and learned the simple art of freewriting.

I wrote 99% poetry but longed to develop my writing and become more confident. At first I was having a problem letting my mind go and just write what came from my creative well. The acceptance I found with @mariannewest and the @Freewritehouse allowed me to share things I wouldn't have shared before; raw, honest feelings and fiction.

When SBI came into the picture I started getting a bit of the steem rewards and confidence grew. I didn't join for the money and never cashed out when the bull market exploded like many, nor did I leave when steem took a dive. I do enjoy helping others and gifting upvotes and steem at times when fellow bloggers hit low spots.

I learn from my freewrite friends and applaud the successes of so many whose writing has brought them to bigger things here and, like you, publication. How wonderful we can encourage each other and help.

I've been a member of steem since June 2019 and have no plans of leaving. Best wishes to each and all who write and read. My gratitude to all who have spent time liking and sharing my creations. Let's keep up this great community!


Thanks @wandrnrose! Opening up and sharing your work I think is incredibly difficult for writers in general, especially those that are writing for themselves more than anything. I know it is for me. But this community is so supportive of everyone, where they are and where they want to go. It's a real treasure, not one found easily anywhere but especially online where people tend to give into their worst behaviors thanks to the anonymity.

@freewritehouse is truly special and I hope others are able to see that after reading these responses!


Well, dang, I want to #ditto EVERY comment I see here today.
Thank you for this post @ntowl and for all your support!


Let the positivity flow!


It is truly a pleasure to speak up on this wonderful community and you for your generous support. For all the naysayers out there, you have no idea what you're missing.


Exactly the acceptance to share what ever it is you want to share makes all the difference for me as well 👌

It's been a joy bumping into you 😘

@mariannewest is a big reason why I continue on Steem
There are some key people on the blockchain and as long as they are here, I will be here
Marianne is the first to make this list haha
And I am truly hoping to meet her one day .... soon


That's how I feel too @kaerpediem. Do you have any specific reasons you can share?


I can't remember the Venezuelan's username but she needed to get a surgery done
And her insurance backed out at the last minute
So Marianne, decided to give all the Steem she was earning from her posts from there on til enough to help out
She also called out to the Free Writers if they so wanted to help out
The surgery was a success, and they were so grateful
Marianne did not know this person and did it in good faith
I did know Marianne and did it in good faith though I did not contribute anywhere close to what Marianne did
This will always be my first reason to stay with Steem - @mariannewest and her band of merry FreeWriters...


@cefralelo es la usuaria venezolana que recibió la ayuda... @kaerpediem


Ditto that! And what ntowl said: @freewritehouse, besides being a welcoming supporting community, has used Steem "to help REAL people struggling with REAL LIFE issues." They've run campaigns to support those in Venezuela when their economy crashed. They've raised funds for individual members when they've needed the help.
Who'd punish a community for that??


Right?! That's why I think it must be ignorance of the good they do. Thank you for piping in!

I can only be grateful that I have been here since June 2019, to be more exact with the 5 minutes of my friend @latino.romano. Those phrases that make our imagination fly and we can recreate ourselves in a healthy way. Continuing on this platform is a great help as I read for many sure is nothing but for another so much is everything. A hug and to understand that we can all be in these spaces. I give resteem to the publication.


I think we could all use more hugs and understanding! Glad to have you here @lisfabian!

I have enjoyed writing since I was ten or twelve years old. I sometimes thought I might write a book some day, but mostly it's just fun to sit and scribble. (Hence my Steem name.) @freewritehouse has provided me with many options to indulge in my scribbling, from freewrites to we-writes. Other writers have been very encouraging to me in their comments, and I try to pass that on to others. In fact, there are days when I think I am a better comment-writer than story-teller. Sometimes several days will go by without me posting on Steemit, but I can always count on @mariannewest's freewrite prompts to get me back in gear. In fact, that's what I am going to do next!


there are days when I think I am a better comment-writer than story-teller.
I have no doubt about your comments, but please know your storytelling skills are still TOPS!
Sometimes several days will go by without me posting on Steemit, but I can always count on @mariannewest's freewrite prompts to get me back in gear. Same here! I had stopped writing fiction for weeks, or months, not just days at a time, but Freewritehouse woke up the muse!


Thank you @scribblingramma! I'm sure writing good comments helps your storytelling ability too. And from what I've read your story-telling is already pretty strong! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on @freewritehouse. Fingers crossed people "in power" can see why it doesn't deserve an automatic downvote.

Hi there,

I don't want to pretend that I am with @freewritehouse because I wanted to help people from Guatemala, Congo or Indonesia. I don't mind if it would come to it, for, like any other sane person, I'd like more even distribution of production and consumption around the World and thus wishing for financial wealth spreading more evenly among poor and suffering people. Yet my incentive reason for joining the club was different.

By trade, I am a programmer and in lieu of this occupation, I am pretty much left to my own devices all-day studying guidelines, defining the business models and writing code. Then you come home, meet your family, and once in a blue moon meet other people at a party. Not much interpersonal communication, not much opportunity to find out what other people, who live next to me think, feel and what is their spiritual essence.

Therefore in writing, you are secluded and trapped by your experience (mine is very specific as I am an immigrant) and have no idea what goes through the minds of your fellow countryman or for that matter other people in the World.

Thus, "finish the story" exercise offers you a benevolent opportunity to expand your circle of topics, find out what other people think and how they go about fitting in the offered situation framework. The prompt sort of throws you in the river and you either have to swim and sink.

Another advantage of the "finish the story" is that you are given the backbone of a character. Unlike the situation when you have to come up with your own characters, you don't have to spill all your guts on the "paper" so everyone can see and secretly laugh at you. ))) You as if are jumping on already moving bandwagon. All you have to do is replace the coachman and know how to drive horses.


We all come to Steem and the communities for our own reasons. I didn't start out at the freewritehouse because of the charity either but my own selfish need to work on my writing. But I knew I found a good home when I saw all the good they do and @mariannewest's kind and welcoming heart. I'm glad it is helping you meet your need for socializing and understanding more about how people thing (I think we all need help with this!)

Participating in @freewritehouse writing exercises has greatly helped me grow on Steem. When I started out five months ago, I had difficulty earning even a few Steem. Mostly, my posts went to dust. Then, I explored around and discovered the @freewritehouse community. I started participating and most especially liked the weekend freewrites. My growth was fast-tracked, thanks to these weekend freewrites.

PS. I miss the #we-write exercises.


They helped me grow too, though I've been far from consistent in my posting. So many ideas and so many opportunities come from the freewrites. Don't quote me on it but I think there may be more we-writes sooner than later!


Yipee! That's very good news indeed ^_^ I look forward to the comeback :) happy weekend!

Regards @ntowl
I wrote a freewrite to respond to your request for support.
I leave my entrance.
Stay great!


It's an amazing freewrite!


Oh, gracias por tu respuesta!
Después de varias horas sin Internet.
Es grato recibir apoyo.
Son las cosas que me hacen volver a escribir.

@freewritehouse is one of the reasons I stayed at Steemit. The community is a fantastic place and @mariannewest is definitely a Steemit success story. The very fact that a single whale can keep bashing down SBI support means it is not a very big thing. SBI is definitely a leg up for whom the cents matter and appreciation for those that are well padded.

@ntowl you are missed; wishing you get reaallly good results with your book and your schoolwork.


Thank your for your thoughts @sarez. I hope to jump back in more regularly in the near future.

You're not alone in giving credit to @freewritehouse for keeping you here. It's one of the few reasons I've stayed connected (if not posting).

Is there particular thing you can share about @freewritehouse that keeps you connected?

I'm so glad you're collecting stories about this! What a positive response to it.

If I win, I'd love to donate my shares to @tristancarax, who is one of the people who is not only working hard to bring value to the blockchain with his write, AND not only counteract the negative impact of @mmmmkkkk311, BUT ALSO is homeless and would do better with more income from Steem, not less, but who this downvoter doesn't care that he's hurting.

Anyways, my story is about how @freewritehouse and @steembasicincome have kept me writing.

By 2016, I was exhausted. I had written a script for months and had then found people interested in bringing it to life. Then, as is common in Hollywood, nothing happened. I spent years trying to make something happen, and always feeling very close to something happening, but in the end, nothing happened. It was exhausting and disheartening.

When I joined Steem in 2017, I wasn't feeling particularly like writing. I shared portions of the script I'd written on the blockchain, wanting it to still bring people joy even if it could never get made. Like on any platform, building engagement is hard no matter the quality of your content, and it only got a few readers, who, incidentally, were very kind fans. I also liked the idea of establishing my ownership on the blockchain of my script. It's not NECESSARY, there are plenty of witnesses to my ownership of that script, but at least the blockchain will never disappear, or so goes the fable, and so a thousand years from now, they will know what I had created.

Shortly thereafter, I began writing freewrites. I wasn't sure it was something I would become dedicated to, and heck, I was putting a little bit of time into all the crypto things I was just discovering then. There were dozens of them, and nothing stood out... until @mariannewest wrote to me and asked if we could build what became @freewritehouse. Suddenly a community of people who not only wrote, but also read surrounded me. I was inspired... and dedicated. Before @mmmmkkkk311's disheartening downvotes came, I didn't miss a single freewrite. (Now, he's not entirely to blame. Lots of things, including depression probably stemming from the death of my dad, stripped me of the energy and will to continue.) I was motivated not only by the community of @freewritehouse, but also by the promise of one day having a reliable income stream that I could help others build as well.

And that's where SBI comes in. The vast majority of freewriters and SBI users are regular folks. We never used bidbots. We didn't engage in vote-trading schemes with whales. We invested the time and money that we could into making this platform our home. That meant reliability. Freewritehouse provides that with daily prompts. I try to provide that with my weekly Punday Monday, and SBI provides that by making the giving of prizes a sustainable function.

To tomorrow. May it be better than yesterday.


This is great @improv! It ties together what is so important about both communities as well as highlighting what good the community can do for people in their real life. It's so important to recognize that we're all people behind these crypto currencies and kindness and thoughtfulness can only make the world better.

I'll be sure to send your shares to @tristancarax. Thanks for setting the example of the generosity the freewrite house represents!

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oops. The haters have found the post lol


Let's see what they got 😉


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Great idea! Thanks so much for doing this!


You're welcome! Thank you for being part of the freewrite house!

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Feliz tarde a todos en esta maravillosa comunidad que, dicho sea de paso, me hicieron sentir en casa. De esas experiencias que te marcan la vida y de esas personas que, aun sin tenerlas cerca, forman parte diaria de nuestras oraciones.

Hablar de @mariannewest y de @latino.romano, quienes han sido ese pilar fortalecedor, y de cantidad de personas que me brindaron su abrazo incondicional, aparte del apoyo más vital, su comprensión y su generoso amor.
Mis inicios acá fueron muy dulces, encontré en @freewritehouse y en la Familia Romana ese río donde podía aprender y compartir mis líneas con la fe puesta en que, cuando las personas las leyeran, encontraran la esencia misma con que fueron plasmadas.
Aca escribi con el corazón y tuve la maravillosa oportunidad de conocer tantas personas.
En el curso de ese aprendizaje me fue diagnosticada una tumoración que ameritaba una intervención quirúrgica. Desesperada ante la negativa de mi seguro de cubrir los costos operativos y habiendo leído una publicación de @mariannewest donde abría su generoso corazón para que trabajáramos juntos ante las necesidades que alguien tuviera, le plantee mi situación a @latino.romano, quien fue siempre el brazo que me animo y me guió en tan dura situación.
Fue increíble cómo se articularon todos, como Marianne movió cielo y tierra hasta que logramos recaudar gran parte del costo de la operación.
Decir agradecimiento es poco, decir amor y bendiciones se acerca a lo que siento pero es tan grande mi confianza en Steemit que pasó a ser uno mas de mi familia, tanto mis hijos como mi esposo están sumamente agradecidos.
Lamentablemente he estado alejada en este poco más de un año desde mi operación, no se si por cosas del destino o a veces la mala jugada de las cosas inciertas, la operación tuvo un revés y acá me encuentro otra vez en lista de espera para el quiròfano.
Si de algo puedo dar yo fè es de la buena voluntad de tan hermosa comunidad

Wonderful post and wonderful contest my friend. Every one of the members and communities you have mentioned, are indeed all about spreading positive energy on not only the Blockchain... but the lives of many.

Kudos to you for making a stand...

Love and light...


Thank you for all the support for this post!!

Hi @ntowl. It's nice to see you again. I'm still waiting on that book of yours. You're killing me! 8-)

This is not within the criteria persay, but it is the action I have taken. The support from the community has been awesome. I'm hoping this new plan will take-off so that we can bat this ______ out of here!


You have been supported by members of the SBI community that follow this new plan of action.

Thanks for being a part of this awesome community. Keep on doing what you are doing!

If you're going to give at least 75 SBI units to those who respond, please don't send any to me but to Freewritehouse instead for future awards or for the next fund-raising for someone in need (e.g. Venezuela). Thanks!


Hi @carolkean,

All the shares will be sent with freewritehouse as the sponsor already so they'll be getting the shares anyway. And it's 75 shares divided up among the commenters that provide stories. I don't how many each person will get until the post reaches payout.

I'd be happy to send yours to someone else if you want, or send the steem directly to freewritehouse rather than SBI.


All I did was comment - so whatever you would have sent me can go to freewritehouse instead or to whoever needs it most. With my one-cent upvote, I need about half a million SBI to have a vote that means anything. Thank you for what you're doing here!!

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Thank you so much!!!


Thank you for all you do!


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Les comento que escribo desde la edad de 13 años, recuerdo que llegue a Steemit en el 2018 buscando hacer comunidad y de nutrir mi experiencia como escritor, a fin de intercambiar experiencias para crecer en 360 grados, tengo que confesarles que una de las primera comunidades que me extendió la mano fue nuestra amiga @mariannewest a través del proyecto @freewritehouse , fue ella quien me informo que había un proyecto de Freewrite en español que estaba llevando a cabo el amigo @latino.romano , pues eso basto para que yo empezara a escribir libremente en esta comunidad donde he podido ver mi crecimiento como escritor así como también el de muchos otros compañeros, el proyecto de Freewrite es un proyecto ambicioso ya que lo primero que uno percibe es la sensación de sentirse en una gran casa donde eres acogido dentro de una gran familia, esto no es fácil de lograr, la clave para lograrlo es solo desde la dimensión humana de cada uno de los líderes del proyecto y de cada uno de los escritores que hacen vida en esta gran familia, he sido testigo desde Venezuela como el proyecto @freewritehouse y @mariannewest han sumado esfuerzos para ayudar en muchísimos aspectos de salud y educación, sembrando esperanza, salvando vidas y transformando almas, esto es fácil decirlo pero llevarlo a cabo con solidaridad, transparencia, humildad y comunidad es el sello caracteristico de este proyecto.

Es de esperarse que un proyecto que tiene bases tan solidas ,sea objeto de ataques mezquinos por entes que solo buscan obtener publicidad atacando a los grandes proyectos, pero este Goliath será vencido mil veces por el David que hay en cada miembro de esta comunidad, siempre la Luz ha disipado las tinieblas de la ignorancia, el ataque a mi manera de ver viene porque el proyecto @freewritehouse es un proyecto esperanzador que acoge a todo aquel que desea beber agua fresca y quiere participar en la transformación venciéndose así mismo para poder obtener logros en su alrededor.

Larga Vida ahora y siempre al Proyecto freewritehouse, saludos y bendiciones desde Venezuela...


Hello @jakim7! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think you are right that the @freewritehouse is filled with Davids and it will take more than a disgruntled Goliath to make a dent. In fact, I'd say the house is more united and stronger now than ever before!

No tengo una gran historia, nunca como las que he leído por aquí, del apoyo que dio la señora Marian, es impresionante la labor realizada, el apoyo a personas que lo necesitaron. Leyendo al amigo @latino.romano el apoyo que ha dado @mariannewest a través del proyecto @freewritehouse ha sido grande, no los había leído todos. Lo que estamos pasando los venezolanos es bien apretado, los pocos que tenemos sueldo no nos alcanza, las personas que teniendo este hermoso caudal para escribir bonito no los brindan y con eso se ayudan se complementan el sueldo. No estamos aislados en la comunidad hablamos con muchas personas y vemos sus problemas y si podemos los ayudamos. Yo no entendí bien porque atacaron así este proyecto y que a pesar de tratar de explicarle a ese usuario la labor siguió haciéndolo, de verdad no conozco este mundo, pero si lo comparo con el mundo “real” la vida parece así de extraña. Me gusta escribir y debo agradecer el espacio que nos brindan, agradecer el apoyo que le dan a otros.

I don't have a great story, never like the ones he heard around here, the support Mrs. Marian gave, the work done, the support for the people they need is impressive. Reading to the friend @latino.romano the support that @mariannewest has given through the @freewritehouse project has been great, I hadn't heard them all. What we are going through Venezuelans is very tight, the few that have salary do not reach us, people who have this beautiful flow to write beautiful do not provide them and with that they help each other complement the salary. We are not isolated in the community, we talk to many people and see their problems and if we can help them. I did not understand well why attack this project and that despite trying to explain that user the workforce continued to do so, I really do not know this world, but if I compare it to the "real" world, life seems so strange . I like to write and I must thank the space they give us, thank the support they give others.


Thank you for sharing @sacra97. The community is amazing in how they will rally to support and share where it is needed. Everyone is important and does what they can from where they are.

Here ya go! This was a pleasure to write. My utmost gratitude to @freewritehouse.
If anyone wouldn't mind tweeting this, I'd appreciate it. Maybe it will qualify for theycallmedan's initiative. I'm not a tweeter.

Can we still post? Or is the time up?


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