Stephen King’s Top 21 Rules For Writers

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Being a writer is a matter of pursuit and devotion. Adequate preparation is required for this. You have to follow some rules and practice for endless writing. The famous writer Stephen King has given twenty-one pieces of advice on writing. Those of you who are young, who dreams of becoming a writer, follow these twenty-one pieces of information. You will one day become a writer, maybe a great writer.

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There are many writers here. Again, many are trying to be good writers, just like me. I thought, why not share these tips with everyone in the Steemit Blog.

  1. Turn off the TV and sit down with the book. TV is poison for creativity. Watching TV is a waste of time, according to Stephen King. You have to spend more time reading books. You have to read a wide range of topics, and you have to read it when you have time. Books will be the companion of all time.

  2. Be prepared for criticism and failure. People will read it, and some will criticize it. Again sometimes the writing will not be printed or read by anyone. But it will not work if you give up because of this.

  3. Not to please others; Rather, write from a sense of responsibility. Truth should be told, no matter how bitter it is. Use your conscience and wisdom.

  4. Initially, write for yourself. Writing should be a matter of pleasure. Write about what you like. Do not force yourself on anything that annoys you.

  5. Think about the difficult problem, bring up the hidden thing. Focuses on a complex issue in life and society, which will attract everyone's attention.

  6. When writing, isolate yourself from the world. When you sit down to write, don't focus on anything other than writing. You have to write with concentration, free from worldly troubles.

  7. Do not pretend to be a scholar. Trying to surprise others by using unnecessary words and complex sentences is not a great idea. Avoid the habit of twisting and turning unnecessarily.

  8. Use adverbs (such as extremely rare) less and keep paragraphs shorter. More adverbs are confusing, and long paragraphs are tiring for the eyes.

  9. When writing a story, look at the story, not the grammar. The kind of words that need to be used to make the story exciting and humorous has to be done.

  10. Learn the artistic technique. The correct words and sentences should clearly and vividly describe the subject and the event so that it strikes a chord in the mind of the reader. If necessary, take help in linguistic ornaments.

  11. Don't make the story too informative. If the story is made dense with information, it deprives the reader of the fun of the story and fails to entertain the reader. Characterization and sequencing will be more predominant.

  12. Write stories about what people actually do. Take the elements of the story from the real, add images to it, make the narrative believable.

  13. Write about new topics. There is no point in practicing old things. Write about what people ever think. Look and write from a different perspective. Don't be reluctant to take risks.

  14. Don't resort to drugs to become a writer. Drugs open the head - this is an entirely wrong idea. Instead, taking drugs damages the brain, paralyzes thinking.

  15. Do not imitate any other author. Create your own style. Write like your own from your thoughts, with individuality.

  16. Communicate your ideas to the reader through words and sentences. When writing, keep in mind for what kind of reader you are writing, and express your thoughts in a way that suits them.

  17. Take writing seriously. Writing has to be meditative—the only pursuit. The work of negligence is useless. The more serious you are about writing, the more successful you will be.

  18. Write something every day. Just like reading books, writing should also be done like a daily habit. Writing comes in handy when writing a lot.

  19. After writing something, look at it again. The first reader of his writing will be the writer himself. Dissect your essay with a critical eye. And it has to be done mercilessly.

  20. Take care of your body and mind. Writing is more comfortable if the body is healthy, and the mind is happy. Peace in family life is especially helpful in this case.

  21. Try to complete a draft of a book in three months. If you write ten pages every day, in three months, it becomes about one hundred sixty thousand words. It will then take a few more months to refine it and make it suitable for publication. Understand how vital devotion and perseverance are needed to become a writer!

Although Stephen gave all of the above tips, I tried to write again in my language. I hope it will come in handy for all of you.
Stephen Edwin King is an American author of supernatural fiction, horror, suspense, and fantasy novels. His books have sold more than 350 million copies, and many have been adapted into television series, films, mini-series, and comic books. Source: Wikipedia.
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