Message in a bottle - a poem


I'm keeping in touch with you this letter

Knowing there'll be no answer...

It will cause me to feel better

Something I can't be denied

For quite a long time I have cherished you

I've adored you for such a long time

For quite a long time I have attempted...

I've even kept in touch with you a melody

The tune was a ditty

About my adoration for you

In any case, you didn't need me..

I presently understand that as well..

You decided to be with him..

Nothing could convince you!

In any case, I would've given an appendage..

my heart was at that point broken in two....

He never treated you well...

You called me twice to come bring you

Be that as it may, each and every time you just returned

What's more, presently it's no utilization to abide...

We covered you today..

Nothing left but to implore...

I envision you sitting on the moon

With a grin all over

Murmuring I'll see you soon...

This message in this jug is my goodbye to you

It will very before long contact you

Since I attached it to my heartstrings

Also, my heart is as of now with you...


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