Delicious fruit melons in summer

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Bangi or Futi is a kind of melon fruit. It is one of the fruits of summer. It is a fruit that is widely available and easily available. There are several types of melons, big and small. Raw fruits are green and yellow when ripe. Ripe melons often burst. The outer side of the fruit is lightly striped, notched like a sweet pumpkin. The taste is not so sweet. The English name of the melody is Muskmelon and the scientific name is Cucumis melo. However, there are many species and varieties of melons in the vicinity, which people mistakenly think of as melons. Each 100 grams of watermelon contains edible portion -

Dietary energy - 53 kcal fat - 0 g cholesterol - 0 g diet energy - 12 g meat - 1 g dietary fiber - 1 g sodium - 23 mg vitamin A - 528 IU folic acid - 33 micrograms niacin - 1 mg vitamin B: 1 mg vitamin 57 mg calcium - 14 mg magnesium - 19 mg potassium - 417 mg carotenoids - 3219 micrograms
Benefits of melons:
-Bangi contains a lot of folic acid which helps in making blood. So human.

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