One ordinary morning. Usual weather. Ordinary calm. Although, the sun is somewhat slipping between the piles of clouds marching. The big ancient house looks so fart without a touch of light. The large door rang like the back of an old grandfather forced to dance. The little girl in the pale dress came out from behind it. He is walking with his cat. The boots he was wearing made the wooden floor crackle.

The little girl carries a pair of scissors and a can that emits a fishy odor from inside. He walked calmly toward the flowers in the garden. The can is filled with thick red liquid. He poured the liquid into the flowers that were currently in bloom. Her pale dress was slightly splattered. His obedient cat stepped back when the fishy liquid was doused. Looks like those sharp-eyed flirty animals are a little disgusted. The girl in the pale dress then cut the flower stalk, put the flowers in the tin, and entered the house followed by the flirty cat.

The house is stuffy. Very quiet. Maybe the only sound is the clattering of the steps of the little girl. The girl entered the dining room. He replaced the dried flowers in a vase on the dining table with the flowers in the tin he had just picked. The red liquid is dripping from fresh flowers that have no visible colors.

Little girls who love lonely and expressionless. He had prepared cereal and a bottle of milk on the table. The girl never forgot to wash her hands. Then he enjoyed his breakfast. He spilled white milk into a bowl of cereal and he began to eat. He really enjoyed his breakfast until one day he heard a series of messy piano sounds. Little girl stopped chewing. He immediately swallowed the cereal, paused for a few seconds.

"Perry, stop it."

"I said stop."

"Could you stop?"

The piano is still ringing.

"Sure it's no."

The little girl who remained expressionless left her breakfast and dining room. The sound of a messy piano is still heard. He went to a room and picked up a pen on a study table. When he was about to leave the room, he accidentally saw a pale hand covered in red dripping liquid sticking out at the door of a cupboard that was not tightly closed. Not far from the cupboard, a red patch of blades lay. The little girl opened the big wardrobe. Inside there are 3 people who are sleeping irregularly: their father, mother, and younger brother. The smell from inside the cupboard wafted unpleasant. They were sleeping but the six eyes widened wide.

Some parts of the body of his father, mother, and younger brother were affixed with a thick red liquid that had not dried. He then arranged his father's hand. Perhaps he was a little uncomfortable with the stench that began to strengthen, so he decided to take some clothes on the hanger and cover the sleeping body of the three people with the clothes there. The expressionless girl closed the closet. Let the three people sleep peacefully.

Messy piano notes still sound. He approached the piano located in the art room. The cat is playing with the keys. The expressionless girl takes her cat. He put it on the floor. Without thinking, he stabbed the cat's body with the pen he was carrying. The cat is not dead. At least not yet. His body was writhing irregularly. The expressionless girl back stabbed the cat. The cat is dying. The cat is squeezing. The girl carried him.

The little girl takes her cat to the dining room. He put the cat on the floor, right in front of the cat's eating bowl. The little girl fills the bowl with cat food. He also filled the little bowl next to the cat food bowl with milk. The expressionless little girl stroked the dying cat's head affectionately, then left it to continue the breakfast that had not been finished.

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