Today 29/05/2020 Coronavirus desease (COVID-19) Bangladesh situation

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The situation is getting worse day by day in Bangladesh. Every day innumerable people are being attacked. Many people are dying. Many people are being admitted to the hospital. Bangladesh is a place where it is really difficult for me to be in lockdown. About 70 percent of the people in this country are poor who eat day in and day out. If these people can't get out of their position, they can't eat and many people will die. So it is not possible for the people of Bangladesh to accept the people and stay at home and so the situation is getting worse day by day. As a citizen of Bangladesh, I really want to feel helpless, but I can't help people because of my financial situation. So far, 40,321 people have been infected with the virus, 582 have died and 9115 have recovered. In the last 24 hours, 2,029 more coronavirus patients have been identified in Bangladesh. With this, the total number of identities in the country stood at 40,321. As of Wednesday, 1,541 new cases of coronavirus had been identified. The previous day, 1,18 people were identified on Tuesday and 1,985 on Monday. In addition, last Sunday 1,532 people; 1,83 last Saturday; 1,894 last Friday; As many as 1,73 people were identified last Thursday and 1,618 on Wednesday. You will all pray for the people of Bangladesh. Pray for all the people of the world so that you do not rush too far away from us. Thank you.


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