One victim Butterfly flying to seat in my finger for sheltering to Strong Storm.

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Hi guys ,, how are you? Hopefully everybody is ok and Alhamdulillah i am ok but at present in the world not to good and this now present world to continue pendamic situation.

After all everyone will good always time I want to that.
So I provide another post in this community.

Victim's Butterfly Story

Now I am discussion about one victim butterfly story..


Today 10:00 PM started one raining with storm then some time after one black and white butterfly flying in our house and have to near lighting lamp. Just some time after that's butterfly some time flying different angle cause it is getting little bit injury..


Then that's butterfly on the time flying to seat in my finger and I am accept gently.


That's butterfly kept my finger many times and that's time capture some photography and providing in this community.


This butterfly to bring my bedroom and to safe for passing one Night.
And when passing the night then to going to fly in the morning..


But at last when finish this work i will happy cause this butterfly again flying in the sky and to collect honey in the flowers.


Just to be my responsibilities and when all people will this work then million animals and insects safety its life..


Just finishing task to in the below and I want to that victim butterfly story just this story very sad able and very sorrowfully.

Just if this story is good , everyone will follow me..

Inspirational Quotation

"The Creator has more mercy on the one who has more mercy towards the living being"

My Regards to

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