Let the darkness be cut and let the beautiful light come out

2개월 전

I have rarely seen so much human helplessness in my long 30 years of life, this is the first time I have seen how helpless human beings have become against an invisible force.Day by day the number is just increasing. There is nothing to do. I can't do anything except looking.

Today, when we are tired, some people are working day and night to save people from this unseen force and they are constantly trying to break the darkness.
I can say with great confidence that if you tell anyone right now what a personal wish you have, they will feel free to tell you that peace will return to the world.20200523_21391901.jpeg
20200520_22313101.jpeg photography author
However, I have been living in the village for a long time, I have isolated myself and I have friends who are here, who read my blog, know more or less why I have isolated myself.
Well, look at my pictures first. Notice in the pictures that there are many green settlements in the distance. In fact, that is my village. I am currently there.Being in the village has changed a lot of the habits that I had when I was in town and being in the village makes me feel very comfortable because there are very few people here and I can blend in very well with nature because I am a nature lover person.
Since my village is on the river bank, my house is at the very end of the area and so people rarely come to my house and I also go out of the house for a very short time and try to be alone and blend in with nature and a lot of nature Enjoying the beauty anyway my isolation time is well spent.
I have been feeling a different refreshment since I came to the village from that noisy place in the city. I really can't express this feeling to you in writing. However, I am having a wonderful time and I want peace come back in this beautiful world again and Let the people live in peace again.

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