Freewrite -- "beach house" -- Day 1276


It was at a beach house, that dragonfly summer, where at 6 years old, I fell on the dock and knocked clean free my two front teeth.

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth," was the yuletide carol I sang that year.

They had grown back the following spring.

There are so many memories there, that Rush Lake spot -- fishes caught and cleaned, sandcastles built and left, woods wandered, fried chicken devoured on blankets in the grass, laughter laughed.

If I could have it all back, I'd take it with the crayfish and the toe-nibbling minnows -- yes, I'd swim with those carp yet again.

The city horizon ain't the same, and neither is the man I became, sadly.

#freedom #writing #freewrite #babylon #memories


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you stayed at a beach house, your own? Sounds like a great time you had. Good your teeth grew back, sad to read you changed. 💖🍀


it was in the family, yes, back when I was a kid