Freewrite -- "heartbeat" -- Day 1270


a heartbeat, broken bottles of perfume, their sweet smell cloying in the close air

her heartbeat, racing, a steady rampant thing in the close space of her chest, pounding -- again and again

a heartbeat, the art of artisty, lost to her, now, her face painted in streaks of red lipstick, now again beating, the pulse of masks making and un-making, who once she was, who she'll never be again

a heartbeat, relaxing, slowing, breathing -- the memories, fluttering, reminding -- who she once was, un-making, slower now and again, who she'll never be, again

a heartbeat, broken bottles of perfume, runnels of cloying scent, spreading, up singed nostrils flaring, un-measured, down a splattered mirror -- a mask un-making hovering, streaked in red lipstick smears, reveling, her reviled, a heartbeat, who she may never be, again

#freedom #writing #freewrite #poesy #heartbeat


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