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I could smell the gas even before I opened the door, I would go in quietly, and on tiptoe, like someone waiting for a flare to come out of somewhere and blow everything up.

She could not attend to the urgency with the required speed, she was stunned by the nauseating smell that permeated everything, even the airiest corner of the house.

In the kitchen everything seemed normal, I made sure to turn every knob and everything seemed fine, except for a mashed potatoes gratin with strips of paprika and cheddar cheese that was on the table, which fanned a bad thought into my head:

"What if it was a cake left as bait by some kind of evil entity? No, how fantastic, I'm watching a lot of horror movies!

I looked around as if waiting for something shocking to happen, or at least the usual: Surprise! of celebrations.

(End of five minutes)

Reacting in a more congruent way, I went to the back door to the courtyard, where I knew the gas key was, and when I crossed the threshold, it was no longer in my house, and unlimited desert horizon kidnapped my gaze, but the smell persisted, even more intense, and an unbearable heat was burning me.

"What is this?" - I said to myself: "Where am I?"

I was anxious to find a way out, something that would locate me, but there was nothing. Just a stench and a heat, extremely suffocating. I closed my eyes as if waiting for death...

After a few seconds, I opened my eyes and I was in my room... in my bed! I got up and ran to the kitchen, checked the knobs one by one and discovered that the one on the stove was lit, opened the oven and saw that mashed potatoes were being grilled, and the house smelled of glory.

"My God, the mashed potatoes from my dream... but who's here?"

At that moment, my mother enters the kitchen, saying, "You ruined my surprise! I came in unannounced to make your favorite dish because in a few hours you'll be having a birthday."

I breathed a sigh of relief, although I was worried when she told me she couldn't turn on the oven and that the house smelled of gas for a while, but she soon got over it. I told her my dream and she said: "It would be a premonition!"

By Zeleira Cordero @zeleiracordero


In response to @mariannewest Day 812: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: mashed potatoes. If you're interested, find out here


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Dreaming by TheDigitalArtist

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I love the descriptions. I could almost smell the flavors and see the surroundings. Well done.


Oh, thank you, @wandrnrose! I love that you like it.

Very intriguing story. Love it.