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Dan just found out that he's the only adopted son among his four brothers. Feeling confused and betrayed, he ran away to find his birth parents. After a week on the road, he runs out of money and still has no clues, just a birth scar that matches all human beings, a common navel that attached him to some mother who is not there and that's how he will stay.

He stopped his search. Suddenly, he felt that he was no longer in a position to remove the past, nothing would bring or take away an ounce of emotion from his worn-out character in life, he would have to study himself further to understand why he was offended to know the truth.

Then, he simply began to walk his route back, nothing more convenient to reflect on what his life had been until the moment he discovered by chance that his birth certificate was different from that of his brothers.

But what else had been different? His mind went backwards looking for reasons to complain, to feel excluded or mistreated... and he had to admit that if he had not looked for his and his siblings' birth certificates for a school project, he would never have found out, because there were no differences between them, not even in physical features.

(End of five minutes)

"We look alike! My brothers and I are similar, but... why am I adopted? I must clarify my situation with my parents!"

So, he went straight to his mother when he got home and felt stupid and miserable listening to all the reasons she gave him and agreed so well, like pieces of a family puzzle, that he was sorry and apologized for throwing himself out on the street like an unlicensed detective, instead of asking her.

"Your mother died in childbirth, her name was Annie, she was my brother Daniel's wife."

"I didn't know any Uncle Daniel, Mom."

"Of course not, because he got sick with depression after Annie died, your mom. He left you with me and insisted we adopt you because he wouldn't live long, because he said Annie would come back for him. He was so insistent that we took the matter to the authorities and I was granted your legal guardianship and custody. A short time later, he woke up dead, and according to the autopsy he was a natural. He did not want to leave scars on your soul, so he preferred that you grow up in our home as one of my children. But, he left you this picture of them, in case this day ever came. He wanted you to know that you were very much loved.

"Excuse me, Mom. You've been a great mother. I'm happy to know my background and especially that we have blood ties. Really, you did a great job in making sure I didn't get hurt in my soul. I am what I am because of you and the good life you have given me. Your brother knew that you would be my mother, even if you didn't have me in your womb. I've so been a fool when I went out to find what I already had at home. I must work on my anger."


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In response to @mariannewest in Day 948: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: scar


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