Blurtopian Dev: Blurtkey Progress Update - 2021/07/25

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This is my weekly progress report for Blurtkey. There were major changes done on the codes. Plus, I did initial releases to Google Play.


I'm still trying to get a hang of publishing mobile apps on Google Play and somehow was able to grasp some of its features like Internal Testing, Closed Testing, and Open Testing releases. I thought they were one and the same. But anyways, I created a release for each type of testing to somehow get a grasp of their differences.

Both closed and open testing have additional requirements before you're able to publish a release for review. I think both needs to undergo review by Google for it to be released.

Anyways, here were the changes done on Blurtkey - a mobile wallet for Blurt.

There seems to have been some issues in the rendering of the video below. There were instances that the video didn't move but in the original video that didn't have sounds, the video played without problem. I'll check this again on my next YT video

1. Define Package Name to Blurtkey

Package names should be unique when releasing to Google Play. When it detects that the package name you used is already being used by another app, you won't be able to upload your App Bundle (*.aab) in Google Play Console.


2. Fix Errors When Computing Missing Prices

The original codes used Bittrex to get token prices to compute for an account's value. I still have to replace this to get prices from exchanges where Blurt is listed. Most likely I'll use the API from @ionomy or from @probit.

3. Codes

Code changes are available in the following Merge Request (MR):


Although I was able to publish App Bundles for Internal, Closed, and Open testing, I was only able to test the release from the Internal release. The other releases are still pending for Google Play's review.

Also, although I was able to install the internal release version of the app, the app crashes when I try to open it on my phone. I still have to debug and resolve this issue.

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