Natural beauty of the sunset🌅🌅

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First post in this community. I hope you all are well.The natural beauty at sunset amazes me. Allah has created such beautiful natural landscapes. Thank you, O Allah, for giving me the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this world.

Nature is so beautiful and a million benefits for creatures on earth. The abundance of nature shows the greatness and power of Allah. As we explore the beauty and richness of nature there is no end. We are obliged to protect and preserve it.

Currently, I am in the fields doing my activities to be precise in the beetle village. My husband and I were clearing the fields where we were going to grow green beans. Usually we plant rice, but currently the irrigation that will irrigate our rice fields is still damaged. In order for our rice fields to be useful, we will plant green beans.



It was late afternoon, we were getting ready to go home. My husband went to clean and store all of our utensils so they wouldn't be lost. I sit and rest while waiting for my husband.

The day will get darker, then my eyes will turn to the west. When my eyes see the beautiful sun that will set over the treetops that line the edge of the rice fields. I thought I wanted to spend some time enjoying a beautiful sunset. The light is so beautiful in my eyes, I want to enjoy it until it is completely lost behind the tree. But that is not possible because currently only my husband and I are still in the fields.

Then I took my smartphone and took some shots that I thought were really beautiful. After my husband was ready to store our farm equipment, we headed off to go home.




On the way, I returned to pointing my smartphone to capture the sunshine between the trees in the middle of the rice fields. The light seen between the coconut and papaya trees in the middle of the rice fields is very beautiful in my opinion. I was so stunned by it. The sky is blue, decorated with beautiful sunlight and the surrounding environment is getting darker, adding to the beauty of the sunset. I'm also sure you all agree with me.





These images are some of the photos I'm going to share with you. Hope you agree with me, if natural beauty is all around us. It depends on how we enjoy it. I hope you like my photography and can appreciate it.

I hope for your support and participation so that I can continue to be active and can continue to work my best to be able to provide the best blog.

Thank you for visiting my blog🙏🙏

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