THE DIARY GAME : 07-04-2021 | Los Angeles Lakers + Kobe Bryant Admiration - What Activities Did I Do Today?

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Hello Everyone:

Today I will tell you in detail what I did on 07.04.2021.


I woke up at 9:00 this morning. I routinely wash my hand and face and then brush my teeth. Then I made myself a sugar-free coffee and then started to prepare my morning breakfast. For breakfast, I prepared a delicious roasting with green beans + potato + onion and tomato paste. I finished my morning breakfast with a few slices of bread and roasted beans I prepared.


After Breakfast:

After completing my breakfast in the morning, I switched to my computer room. First of all, I checked the posts prepared for the contest I organized with the steemanniversary-cake tag in the SteemFoods Community and I gave support to the vote. I couldn't approve the participation of some of our users for the contest because the concept of the contest was to prepare a cake. I am sorry that I cannot accept the posts of our users who participated in the contest with donuts or cookies, but I do not want to be unfair to our other users. As of today, we have reached 91.4K + SP and I prepared a detailed post about it. I checked the posts on 06.04.2021 and selected the "Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day" among these posts. You can review the posts I shared on the -steemitfoods account today by clicking the two post links below.

91.4K + SP Reached | 124 Delegator | Last 8.6K SP for 100K | Keep Getting Stronger


06.04.2021 |The Best SteemFoods Posts Of The Day | Last One Day for SteemAnniversary-Cake Contest |


Towards Evening :

In my spare time I have said that I like to watch basketball and football games. Temperatures started to rise where I live, and many stores had discounts on hoodies, sweaters and jackets. I also support the Los Angeles Lakers team in the NBA and am a fan of Kobe Bryant. So I went to buy myself an NBA sweatshirt with a hoodie. I am happy to have found and purchased such a product. Which team do you support in the NBA?


Evening :

For the evening, I prepared a delicious rice with fine bulgur (many kinds of legumes). In addition, I checked the delegations made to the -steemitfoods account and distributed the affiliate badge to our new users. I have given delegation reward distribution to 3 users and + 90,589 liquid steem support from my personal account to -steemtifoods account.


  • This was the activities I did today, see you in my next diary ... :)

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Your breakfast is so delicious and thecake its so nice and beautiful..and I love it..

@crisvera's cake is looking really amazing.😍
I also made a cake on steemit's 5th anniversary, if you free can check out in the link below. @alikoc07. Thank you.


Thank you very much, it's good that you liked it. 😉


You welcome @crisvera😄

Hi, @alikoc07. Food is your hobby! Wonderful photos. I am a gourmet and esthete too, I like the beautiful design of the table!
I am asking for information support of my contest Creative travel cafe :)

Love to have a piece of the cake
Congrats to her

@alikoc07 Sir I would like to be a delegate to the Steem Food Community, will the Steem Food Community support me.

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