Nerd By Northwest #186 – “KISS That Old Look Goodbye”

2년 전

Pete's character discovers a new side effect from his magic artifact...

Nerd By Northwest #186 – “KISS That Old Look Goodbye”
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Even though the band KISS reached the height of its fame before my time (or at least before I was old enough to be aware of them), it was still near impossible for an American kid to grow up in the 80's & 90's and not know who they were.

That said, I haven't even THOUGHT about KISS in ages, so I have no idea where the inspiration for this comic came from. I'm sure there's an extremist church group somewhere out there that'd be convinced this inspiration (not to mention the Dungeons & Dragons game being referenced herein) is the work of the devil. Thankfully, most of those people are also the least likely to own a computer, much less read webcomics... 😁

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