Nerd By Northwest #188 – “Critical Fail”

2년 전

When disguise rolls fail...

Nerd By Northwest #188 – “Critical Fail”
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If you make KISS references long enough, it's just a matter of time before a cheap Peter Criss joke comes along. It's practically a law of the universe. I tried to resist, god knows I tried... but dammit I'm only human! 😁

P.S. - As my STEEM power-down is almost complete, this is likely going to be among the last Nerd By Northwest comics posted on to STEEM. If you haven't already moved to the other blockchain fork that apparently cannot be named here, I suggest you do so if you want to keep supporting my comics. Thanks and see you there!!!

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It's a shame to see you go and limit your audience to just one of these platforms.


To be honest, the biggest driver behind it is that my comics posted on STEEM are now getting very little in the way of votes. The previous comic I posted last week got zero votes, which I've never seen before. It seems almost all my followers and fans have moved to the other platform. I am certainly open to keeping my comics on STEEM, but I have to see a higher level of interest here.

How about this... I'll keep posting here for another couple weeks and see if things turn around. And I do also post my comics on my own website if the other platform isn't your thing...


Oh I'm on the other place too, so it doesn't make much difference to me, but the change in engagement is something I've also noticed over here. Do what you think is right for your project