Nerd By Northwest #194 – “Work Smarter, Not Harder”

2년 전

Cam finds a way around the typical corporate grind...

Nerd By Northwest #194 – “Work Smarter, Not Harder”
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At my last "real job", I was told about a former employee who essentially did this... taking a primary function of his old job and creating a subcontracting company focused on doing just that thing. And that situation allowed him to get paid for task completion instead of being paid hourly and holding down a desk the rest of the time, thus freeing up much of his work week.

Is this situation common in government contracting? Probably not... at least not with subcontracting companies that small. But it is one of many examples of using outside-the-box thinking to get ahead... not by playing by the rules and doing what everyone else does, but by understanding and gaming the system to one's advantage. Or to paraphrase Ash, "making the system your bitch". 😉

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I remember reading, years ago, about a guy that completely outsourced his own job and no one noticed until someone in IT traced the VPN connection that began every work day from China.


Funny thing is, in recent years it's been companies in China outsourcing to OTHER countries in Asia because their local wages have risen. What goes around, comes around I guess...