Nerd By Northwest #195 – “A Little Column ‘A’, a Little Column ‘B’…”

5개월 전

The Homebrew Party finds its home base...

Nerd By Northwest #195 – “A Little Column ‘A’, a Little Column ‘B’…”
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These Homebrew Party strips are in part inspired by the presidential campaign story arcs in the classic "Bloom County" comic strips in the 80's, featuring Bill the Cat and Opus the penguin as the "Meadow Party" president/vice-president candidate team. I was too young to get some of the gags and jokes in there in the beginning, but later I grew to appreciate them for the gems they were.

Fast forward to now, and the reality of the current presidential race is now more absurd than the parody that was the Bloom County strips over three decades ago. Given the... how can I put it delicately... subpar qualities of the two parties and candidates, a cat and a penguin running for president & vice-president is now an option worth seriously exploring! 😏

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