Nerd By Northwest #196 – “There’s Always One…”

2년 전

Cam's first campaign rally is a splashing success...

Nerd By Northwest #196 – “There’s Always One…”
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So for context, Cam is what would probably be considered a 'voluntarist' or, by some definitions, an anarchist. Interesting note... "anarchism" is best defined as a society with rules, but without rulers. Quite a bit more nuanced and reasonable compared to the popular definition used by the media and politicians, huh?

As to the fourth rule Cam comes up with, that's based on an actual event. Many years ago some friends and I were having some late-night chow at the local Village Inn. While I was using the toilet, a couple drunk guys came into the bathroom and one of them asked the other, "what's that drain in the center of the floor for?". I had an unpleasant premonition of what was coming next, and sure enough from under the stall I could see a pair of shoes walk up to the center of the bathroom and a stream of urine splashing directly on the drain instead of the urinal.

After about 5-10 seconds I said "What the ****?". Not knowing anyone else was in there, the two panicked and left. I know it's a bit cruel to interrupt someone in "mid-stream"... but hey, he had it coming... 😁

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I feel like this is based on a real incident...


Yup... read my commentary below the comic and you'll discover the details... 😁