Nerd By Northwest #201 – “Death By Virtue-Signal”


The road to a bloody beat-down is paved with good intentions...

Nerd By Northwest #201 – “Death By Virtue-Signal”
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Whether it's over race, sexism, cultural appropriation, face-masks, or whatever other outrage of the month is currently trending, virtue-signaling is apparently what all the cool kids are doing. Perhaps for many it's done out of good intentions, and in our (relatively) safe modern world people can indulge in it frequently and seldom suffer consequences.

But it CAN be taken too far, and we can see here that behavior doesn't work out so well in the sword & sorcery genre. Think someone is gonna verbally harass Conan the Barbarian over his casual use of the word "tavern wench"? Well, not more than ONCE, anyway... 😉

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